Best Way to Gain YouTube Subscribers Fast?

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What are the best ways to gain subscribers on YouTube quickly? Anybody knows?
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    If you already have good view count, but not subscribers ... then you need to check your video script.

    Eg., Ask your visitors to Subscribe.
    Add an Outro which encourages your visitors to Subscribe.
    Tell your visitors the benefits of subscribing.
    Create High Quality content regularly to be in their search list related to a particular topic/niche.
    Try to break a video into logical parts instead of creating as a single video & tell your visitors about the upcoming videos.

    But, if you don't even have enough views, you would need to work on that first. Creating a High Quality video on Current Trending topic in your niche can be a good start.

    Hope that helps ...
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    Do it slowly and patiently, to ensure your subscribers actually want to see what you have to offer.

    Fast = Fear = Repelling = Diminished Results.

    Patience, Grasshopper, to ensure you create helpful content and build bonds with top YouTubers in your niche. In time, you will gain quality subscribers, and if I have learned anything, numbers never once watched my videos, but human beings do, and humans also read my blog, hire me and buy my stuff.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Think of ways to get your content infront of your audience. Try stuff like Quora, Reddit, Forums, Social Media...
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    With YouTube, there are several ideas you can follow to improve your chances of quickly gaining subscribers. Start with good content and producing new videos consistently.

    One of the most important things is your title on each video. While I wouldn't go as far as suggesting you use "clickbait" titles (as it's deceiving), you should create short and sweet video titles that get people interested in watching your videos.

    You also need to pay attention to your channel's design. Make sure you use an attractive header to make your channel stand out. For a good example, check out famous British chef Gordon Ramsay's header image.

    Also, make sure you use custom thumbnails that "pop". Most of the battle in getting more subscribers is getting your videos in front of more eyes. At a minimum, your thumbnail should convey what your videos are about to prospective viewers. Using text on your thumbnails can provide context. Implement your own branding too, by using a consistent color on your thumbnails or a logo.
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    It is very simple, great content. If you are lucky, viral content.

    Think about it. Why does someone subscribe? Because they want to see more of what you have to offer.

    If you are not getting more subscribers, then your content is of no interest to them.

    To get more viewers, then you need great thumbnails and description. But, again, for subscribers, you need great, interesting content they want to watch more of.

    And nothing of value happens fast.

    My name is Ken Katz and I am a Web Designer and Photographer. My motto: "If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." -Jim Rohn

    Celebrity Portrait Photgapher - My Photography Portfolio.

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    For increasing youtube subscriber there are lots of way have those works actually very fine, such as:
    -->Good Quality of video
    -->If its is a gaming channel then you can use good game recorder and editor
    -->Video message should be clear
    these are some way you where you can gain lots of subscriber or youtube. Hope this might be helpful for you.
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    • Ask For Subscribers
    • Name Your Videos Strategically
    • Post Useful Content Consistently
    • Create A Custom Thumbnail
    • Use Annotations
    • Engage Yourself & Your Content in Other Social Media Sites.
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    No real fast ways WH though.
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    Ask your viewers to subscribe
    Share your videos on Social Media
    Contents of your video attract more visitors
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    Promote your channel with social media,this is a very effective way to increase subscribers.Join with related groups and share your links to those groups.
    Use an intro or an outro asking them to subscribe and tell them about the next video you are going to upload and stuff.
    You can also buy subscribers,but you have to be more careful,because those subscribers are not genuine and will get removed sometimes.
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    Promote your channel in social media accounts like facebook, twitter and instagram.
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    On every video you create, Ask your viewer to subscriber.
    Put a link below
    Create videos that is in demand
    Create videos that have chance to go viral
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    The best way to gain you tube subscribers fast is by giving you subscribers a good content and to entertain them...
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    Promoting your channel on social media is an effective way to gain subscribers but make sure that your videos are well thought of and entertaining. Creating a playlist and asking your viewers to subscribe are some of the ways to gain subscribers.

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    I've seen people give away nice gifts when they are almost to a certain goal of subscribers. This encourages people to try to get their friends to subscribe. Spend like $50 - 100+.

    Create a useful/interesting series of videos, so they'll want to subscribe and see the rest of the series.

    Interview other channel creators and vice versa. You might be able to gain one another's followers.
    Domains for sale - see
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    1.Create a plan (and script) for your videos.
    2.Produce highly engaging content (obviously).
    3.Increase your uploading frequency
    4.Learn how to optimize your titles
    5.Make the most of channel customization. There Are many ways you can gain YouTube subscribers very fast..These 5 steps are important among them..
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    If you want to have many subscribers for your YouTube means then you have to give good content for them and make a catchy title for your videos..And share your YouTube link on social media like Facebook and Instagram by doing this you can get lots of subscribers for your channel..
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    You must choose a catchy title for you video and keep interesting thumbnail this is the basic thing to attract you viewers..After that you can share your you tube link in all social media so that you can get many subscribers in a fast way..

    Get Yourself a Customised High-Converting Funnel, Landing Page, Website, Membership, Store Created with GROOVE

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    1. Post Useful Content Consistently
    2. Name Your Videos Strategically
    3. Spruce Up Your Channel Design
    4. Show Your Lighter Side
    6. Create A Custom Thumbnail
    7. Use Annotations
    8. Ask For Subscribers
    9. Be Yourself
    10. Create An Engaging Channel Trailer
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    You need to be posting and updating your content consistently for best results.
    Upload new videos and share with your list. Also, expand your reach with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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    Take a look on 12 Smart Wat to get more Youtube Subscribers thaat are given below:-

    1. Create a plan (and script) for your videos.
    2. Produce highly engaging content
    3. Increase your uploading frequency.
    4. Learn how to optimize your titles.
    5. Personalize video thumbnails.
    6. Create an engaging channel trailer.
    7. Make use of 'Call to Action' annotations.
    8. Let people find you.
    9. Limit the videos to under 5 minutes.
    10. Optimize your video descriptions.
    11. End your videos on a high note.
    12. Consider collaborating with fellow YouTubers.
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    Hey there i have a awesome youtube channel with 1,500 subscribes and gain over 100 view each video i am here to help you all if you help me every video i do 1 shoutout i upload daily and want some more help and ideas for videos if you don't mind can you subscribe to my channel and click that golden bell and like all my videos i make and comment a golden comment so you can get pinned please subscribe and stay active
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    You need quality niched videos, regular uploads and good themes that people are interested in
    Affiliate Stats Tracking - Secure software for analyzing your sales
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    Original creative content + Social Media Marketing

    This is a formula for me
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    You just have to upload videos at least once a week. One of the most important steps in getting more subscribers is to provide as much content as you can. The more videos you have, the more popular your channel will become as posting lots of videos makes people want to come back. I hope it helps
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    It depends on the number of views you have. My theory is your subscribers would be just 30% or less of views you had. So to have more subscribers is to obviously have more views. Then make them choose(tempt) to subscribe to your YouTube channel. By telling them "for more content", "to stay updated", "if you want more", "click the subscribe button", or something like that. This would not surely make them subscribe but at least you gave them a choice...
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    try this small steps
    1. Convert searchers to subscribers with playlists.
    2. Expand your search net with Pinterest.
    3. Promote your YouTube channel with Facebook Groups.
    4. Promote with Subreddits.
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    Yes, as long as you're prepared to work at the following from Day 1:
    1. Show up in the social platform communities for your niche, and engage. Once people get to know you, they are more likely to subscribe.

    2. Join local networking groups in your geographical area (same concept as 1., above).

    3. Upload value-filled videos to your YouTube channel on a regular i.e. weekly basis. Viewers want to see stuff that will help them solve a problem or entertain them or inspire them. Make sure your video content satisfies at least one of those three criteria....and then you increase the chances of them subscribing.

    4. Guest blog/vlog, and blog where you can. Embed your videos in the blog posts.

    5. Make sure your channel page is "subscribeable". In other words, does your channel banner let the viewer know exactly what your channel is about? Are the sections and playlists set out and titled so that a viewer can easily see what the video content is about? Does the channel banner say what day of the week your videos will be uploaded (hence, consistency).

    6. Is your video content engaging so that the watch-time of each video is increasing? The longer people watch your videos, the more likely they like your videos and the more likely they will subscribe.

    7. Share your video content on as many social media platforms as possible. There's a reason why YouTube shows the "Share" button/icon on each video. Your videos will be shared and you'll then start getting people watching your videos and so on. In other words, you're extending the reach of your video content, and if people like what they see, there's more of a likelihood that they will eventually subscribe.

    Hope that helps. Go for it!
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    I don't know in which field you are but every field have some unique things to do. If you will upload video with new idea and freshness that never ever seen in the market before then I think there might some chances to increase subscribers. Many peoples request many times like "please subscribe my channel" in 1 video but I would like to recommend you not to do the same. At the end of the video you can request to subscribe channel. i know it's bit of read but I think it will help for what you seek.
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