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by v3nge
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I want to make a youtube channel about biohacking/ lifehacking. I'm also a musician and songwriter, so I have a channel where I post my songs and videos about songwriting. My question is, do you think it's better for branding to make a separate channel, or to integrate these into one?

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    The main question is here is that what you want your brand to be known about a musician or a life hacking coach?

    Build separate channels its better that way such as 'v3ngemusic' and 'v3ngelife'. These are both totally different topics.
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    No question: separate channel.

    You need to think of your YouTube channel as a TV show. Brand it that way. When you tune into Game of Thrones, you don't expect Tyrion Lannister to turn towards the camera and say, "Hey, kids, got a minute? Today I'm going to show you 3 amazing ways to remove the shell off an egg. Cool, huh?"

    YouTube wants to take audiences away (as much as possible) from their regular TV viewing habits. And they're slowly doing it. (Though they'll need more integrations to step up their game in this regard.) This is why Watch Time is integral to your YT business.

    Audiences will tune into channels and subscribe to them because the content appeals to them. So in theory you could toss anything you like into your channel, and many creators do just that. However - to make life easier on yourself, to have a chance to stand out (on a platform where 300 hours of video is uploaded every 60 seconds), you need to give audiences a minutely defined reason to follow - a specific niche, and brand it accordingly.

    - Tom

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    creating a separate channel is the best option
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    If both the concepts are different then better to go for a separate channel. People search for music wont like life hacks in the results. This will lead to high bounce rate.
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    starting out my advice to you is to brand your niches separately .What you don't want to do is to confuse the minds of viewers and subscribers.
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    Definitely create two separate, independent channels. Best of luck!
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    Thanks for the responses, everyone! I will be creating a new channel. Everyone has been very helpful, especially Tom.
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    I think it'd be a better idea to create a separate channel about lifehacking. This will practically help you build your brand recognition and establish value as a life coach.

    Further, it will help you target the right audience as well. You don't want the people who came to your channel primarily for your songs get shocked on the new Avatar. Keep things separate and simple!
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    Consistency is the key for success!!! Make separate channel...

    Btw, I have a lifehack channel with over 250k subscribers.
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  • You should build different channels because both are different topics.
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    v3nge: thanks for the kind words, mate.

    In return, let me expand a little and give you some advice to just consider before taking action.

    If you enter the lifehack space on YouTube (or anywhere) you need to go niche or deep-niche. You can certainly avoid doing so, going general, and you can certainly do well with such an approach, but I believe (in this area) you're going to find the niche approach a far more productive one.

    The trick is to combine (into lifehacks) one or more elements that your intended audience is either not getting elsewhere or is not getting in the levels of volume or quality that they desire. But it is not just about adding elements willy-nilly. You need to consider relevant elements (to lifehacks) that are in high-demand and possess the qualities that can make them go viral. I call such an element a VUSP, a viral unique selling proposition.

    As I say - it's just advice to consider. The danger here is that you enter lifehacks and discover an uphill battle because you're not bringing anything new to the table.

    - Tom

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  • Personally i would go for two separate channels, rest is all your choice
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    My suggestion would be to make two separate channels for each.

    One for biohacking/ lifehacking and Second for your music work
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  • v3nge,

    You should keep the channels separate since they are unrelated niches.


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    Hey that's great, you might have to figure out whats #1 and whats #2 you can have it on the same channel and just create different playlists just make sure your #1 niche goes first and matches your youtube wallpaper banner and name, to me its easier to keep up with like that, but everyone is different....for example Dan Lok on youtube has different playlists in different niches in the same what works for you
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    it allows you to seamlessly post your channels on various social media outlets.
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    You can promote the existing YouTube channels for business branding as well as video marketing.
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    hmm i have same question
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    If both of them are song related I don't think you need to create separate channel though. One channel is ok so far. Now upload songs to it and promote them.
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    Separate channels will serve your purpose better. Focused content. Better subscriber engagement due to it being content that the users want, and you can have each channel recommend the other so people who are invested in you can join both.
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    You should build different channels because both are different topics. For More info Please check Aizaz Hassan Youtube channel.

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    try to create a separate account for your branding purpose..
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    Create separate channels because these are on different niches. It'll be easier to know your audience that way.
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    The best idea is keeping a separate account for both the channels...So that you can easily get to know where the audience is from..

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    for someone out there "Music is Life". lol
    But my advice is to keep two apart. You can ask (don't force) your existing subscribers of music channel to subscribe to life channel.
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    The best advice for you is to create a new account and maintain that account for your branding purpose...That is the great way for promoting or branding purpose..
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    Actually these two section are good, so mixing with another one wont be a good taste, though these two thing is very popular. So better to do them in a separate way. On these days people use youtube as a television because of here everything can be found. In terms of branding it is so much important to make separate channel for separate content. If it happen in one place then it can create problem, its like maybe audience cant find exact thing.
    So, in this way making separate channel for separate content will be vice.
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