Sharing in multiple facebook groups at once

by imza86
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Hi, so i am using my personal profile to help share my business page posts.

I have joined maybe around 10+ groups, and instead of sharing the post one by one in each group, can i share it to multiple group at once?

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    You shouldn't be mass-sharing at all, OP; you'll get your account limited or banned.

    - Tom

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      Agreed, I've seen many try this and they get their account severely limited. FB is super aggressive on this sort of stuff lately. I've even noticed that you shouldn't post to several groups too fast either. Wait a little bit in between posts. At least this is what I've been noticing these past several days. Hope this helps
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    ]If someone creat that software, I guess more will buy... And set the automation to moderate so it won't be obvious you are using an automation.
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    You can share the same message in the FB page by your personal account.
    In Youtube you can check how to do it.

    In Youtube in the search box type the below title

    "How To Post To Multiple Facebook Groups FREE At The Same Time - Spencer Coffman"

    You can see how to do it.
    Good Luck.
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    Yess! The Social Media Marketing Tools are the ones which are used to do multiple postings on multiple social media platforms. One tool that I've been using for my brand's marketing is - Viralpep. You'll love how much time it saves for your other tasks. These tools are made especially for the ones who tend to organise their work accordingly. Whats best is you can go on a holiday keeping your workload behind by scheduling all your social media postings. Viralpep is the highly recommended one.
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    Hi, you can post on multiple Facebook groups using Toolkit for Facebook. It is a chrome extension. It is easy to use. There are also other features that are very useful.

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    No you cant share to all groups at once without some bot.
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    You shouldn't do that, you may be banned.
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    You shouldn't do that, you can be banned. You should share the post one by one in each group, about 5-8 groups. Then you can share on other social media like Twitter, Pinterest, etc
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    Find free browser extension to do that process instead to use bot.
    I know how to run my ads using Facebook PVA without any problem.
    Please don't stop asking If you willing to know!

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    No. you can share your link in your page and then you can share it..
    But if you share multiple link in different group then your Id will banned
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    sharing with multiple account at a time is little dangerous because you maybe banned by the facebook ..
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    You can not able to share in multiple Facebook groups at once...If you use any bots or any social media automation tools then you can able to do that..
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    It is not possible to share at multiple Facebook group at a time...But you can share individually in every group..
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    Yes, you can!
    Try using this Facebook group poster app. It's very easy to use, and you can share your post to more groups at once
    Also you can schedule your posts!
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    According to me a sharing a post in multiple account at same time is very bad idea. because there are lots of chances of getting banned by Facebook. There will be some particular limit for sharing the post at same time.
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    No, you should do this. Dont share the post at a time. It is really dangerous. Because facebook has some limit for this. If you go over the limit then your account may face some issues.
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