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by Claire Freshney 7 replies
I want to look at options to promoting my facebook group - OFF facebook.

Can anyone recommend any good websites?

My group is called "Badass Business Tapping" and i help employees and business owners improve their performance in the workplace, by improving wellbeing.

suggestions welcome
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    Here are some best way to promote fb group.

    1. Invite People from Your Email List
    2. Add an FB Group Page Link to Your Website
    3. Invite Your Facebook Friends to Join the Group
    4. Do a Targeted Giveaway
    5. Promote Your Group on Similar Facebook Groups and Pages
    6. Reply to Posts and Comments
    7. Use a Challenge or Event to Group

    Hope it helps you.
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    Hi, Claire. It is not possible right now to promote a facebook group using ads, there are other ways to promote a facebook group. See below:
    *Putting a link in your email & sidebar of your website
    *Pinning it on your facebook page
    *Link it into a thank you page on your website
    *Promote your group in other FB group threads with the same niche

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    Share your FB group links to another group and pages.
    and use hashtags
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    You're able to promote any group on Facebook with its URL as long as it's open. As an alternative, however, I'd recommend creating a Facebook Page for your neighborhood instead.
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    For promoting a fb group you can find lots of ways which are really helpful for promoting a group. Engagement with other group where traffic amount are huge this can be a nice platform for promoting a group. Email marketing can be works well here. You should post something which is very attractive this type of post help you to promote your group.
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    try to share your link with many groups and so that you can able to promote your page faster..
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    build a blog related to your FB group..write quality post around your focused topic and share them on FB group...also share your blog content on other social networking sites..this way you can get a place to write (Blog) and share (FB group) the content..!

    Add an FB Group Page Link to Your once the visitor visit your blog and like your blog..he or she then go ahead like your Fb page..!!
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