Talk me out of deleting my FB group! :-)

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Just after some thoughts / suggestions here. Our company has a FB group that we started a couple years ago and it now has 13K members. So far it has not resulted in any noticeable new sales really and others in the company that are cynical about FB in general want to close the group and just get off FB entirely.

The problem has been that the group talks among itself and dilutes our 'message'. Our company deals with natural health. So, for example, someone gets on the groups asks for advice about a problem and others jump in with their own advice which sometimes veers away from ours (and some even have the cheek to recommend competitor's products!

So others in the company think the group does more harm than good and we should just leave FB. My opinion is that FB isn't going away, those 13K people were there already and they'll just find other groups, so if we leave it's not like they're going to follow us!

Sooooo, just curious if others here have been in this situation, what you'd suggest for whipping a group like this into shape but NOT have it require a zillion hours of admin.
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