Where do you buy Twitter followers?

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As part of my case study, I am doing this to include in my study about buying Twitter followers.
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    I think there are people in Fiverr who are offering these service for as low as $5. You can also check this forum's marketplace. I believe some warriors are also selling Twitter Followers. Just be careful because some offers are just scam.

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      ViralKick also is offering such services
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    We don't buy twitter followers. People follow anyway, if you tweet or re-tweet valuable tweets.
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    I've seen them listed on SEOClerks in the past, so maybe there are still people selling. Keep in mind, Twitter is starting to really care. I suggest that you not buy.

    Maybe try Twiends instead.
    Domains for sale - see seopositions.net
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    Pick the people you follow carefully and cultivate a relationship with them over time so that they look out for your responses to their tweets. Once done you'll get followed back and retweeted when you post something relevant.

    Taking part in networking hours is a great way to increase followers
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    Maybe it's just me, but I don't think it's a good idea to buy followers in general. I wouldn't outsource my social media marketing to someone whose main strategy is buying followers. I prefer if they build it slowly but in an organic way. Quality over quantity, you know? But if it's for appearance's sake, you can try the marketplace here or see if there are people on freelancing sites that sell this kind of service.
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    Buying them indirectly through promoted tweets to people who might actually be of value and be interested are a better investment.
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    If you're paying a third party to increase your Twitter followers, chances are they are inactive / dummy accounts. So it's a waste of your money, honestly.The inactive accounts won't be "engaging" with your content. Meaning, it will be deadweight. Why would you want that?
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    Buying twitter followers is not a good idea... Because this will not work properly in some case...So it is better to get followers manually..
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    Fiverr ,ViralKick these two provides the offer for buying the twitter followers...
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    I do usually buy Twitter Followers at Buy Real Marketing. You must also try their services. Very satisfying!
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    Before you put any more time into this study - if you are at the time - ask yourself.....why? Social proof and ego boosts are the prime reasons neither of which grows business. A number never bought any of my eBooks or hired me. Only engaged humans do, and these folks more than ever are not swayed by numbers. They seek engagement.
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    Buying FAKE Followers is not a good idea at all

    But in starting you need few followers, else nobody will follow.

    There are three ways:
    1. Post quality Content
    2. Use Twitter Ads to get it done
    3. buy fake (not recommended)
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    Originally Posted by Mikaela Pierre View Post

    As part of my case study, I am doing this to include in my study about buying Twitter followers.


    You're doing a case study about buying Twitter followers and don't know how to buy Twitter followers.

    What's wrong with this picture?

    FYI, buying random/fake followers is stupid.
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    This is a simple task in General. You just have to put an ad on Facebook. But there are many people who can sell subscribers and can contact them directly.
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    You should search it on google and you will get your ans.And if u ask me for any suggestion site.I am using a site where they provides 100% money back Gurantee, 24x7 live support.You can search SMMSUMO On Google.
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    ViralKick and Fiverr are the two best place to buy twitter followers. You can try these to do your case study.
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    i wouldn't waste your time buying followers. Better to get real ENGAGED followers by tweeting and retweeting, as well as commenting on other tweets.
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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    There are so many places available online for buying the twitter followers. And i have picked few of the places where you can buy real twitter followers easily. Here are the list:
    Follower Packages
    Buy Real Marketing
    Red Social
    Twitter Boost
    Follower Sale
    Twitter Followers Trend
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    Here is Some Step You Can Use and You Can Get More Twitter Follower.

    1.Quit Other Social Channels
    2.Hire A Dedicated Twitter Manager
    3.Mix Twitter-Only & Outside Content Posts
    4. Use Hashtags

    Thank You
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