How can I improve Twitter and Facebook followers?

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I am working on social profile building and I am stuck with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. How can I increase my friends and followers count without any pay option? Help me if any tool or technique you have...
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    Try to share useful information on the page about your brand or business to audience & share your page at Facebook groups which are relate to your brand or business. And one more thing that those groups should have large number of members, you can get more likes and followers.
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    You can increase your Twitter and Facebook followers by improving your content. Make sure that your content is engaging enough and something that would interest your followers. You can also interact with your followers. Use the right captions and hashtags.

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    Here is some best way to improve Twitter and Facebook followers.

    1. Post great content
    2. Write a professional bio
    3. Use hashtags
    4. Place a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram logo on your blog
    5. Engage with others on the social platforms
    6. Make sure your content is shareable
    7. Reshare other people's content
    8. Reach out to influencers
    9. Stay active
    10.Follow other users

    Hope it helps you.
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    To get real twitter followers one might try his/her best by using top most ways that will increase followers on twitter. But usually it is not easy for us to get that huge amount of followers so easily. So now what one need to do for getting that huge count of twitter followers is one big question. Well nothing is needed if you opt to buy real twitter followers from site like ''. As at this site you can get a lot of followers on twitter at remarkable price that is pocket friendly and easily available for all the users.
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    Hi, I know this post is about twitter/fb. But if Op has insta, then you can use FollowPro , instagram engagement tool to interact and gain followers.
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    Your Twitter Bio
    Guest Blog
    Have A Blog
    Run Contests
    Add Facebook And Twitter Widgets To Your Site
    Use The Hashtag
    Email Signatures
    Follow And Follow Back
    Photo Tagging on Facebook
    These are the main tricks to get followers in Facebook and twitter..
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    To improve Twitter and Facebook followers we have to update our both profiles at regular basis. Also we can join theme base related group and share our profile page here.

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    Better content and sometimes that thumbnail, profile pic or wallpaper works .
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    Always seek quality followers, rather than a specific quantity of followers. You want people who will engage in your content so you can grow among perspective customers! Hope this helps!
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    so simple give them what they want. i mean know about your followers interest and produce content. promote your page on niche related users. paid promotion or group posting is best for facebook likes and use #followback hash tags and follow all who also using this hashtag on twitter
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    Make it a habit to reciprocate. When you receive a notification indicating that someone is following you, check out their Twitter profile, and follow them as well.
    Create Twitter lists. It can be hard to follow and engage with a lot of people.
    Spark a conversation. Twitter is forever buzzing with activity, and many of the ongoing conversations might relate to something your company does, or to your brand.
    Put hashtags to good use. Hashtags can help boost the number of your Twitter followers if used appropriately.
    Remember the 80/20 rule. The reason you are being followed is because your followers are interested in reading your tweets and they hope to gain some information from them.
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    Originally Posted by DoccRichard View Post

    I am working on social profile building and I am stuck with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. How can I increase my friends and followers count without any pay option? Help me if any tool or technique you have...
    Hey DoccRichard,

    Yes there are few ways to grow your Twitter following.

    You can do it manually or you can use a tool. But before all that there few things you need to make sure you have already on your profile.
    • Profile picture is most important
    • Are you smiling?
    • Can you tell it's you
    • Banner picture should represent LIFESTYLE -
    • NOT your company
    • Bio about who you are and how you can serve people.
    • Post content each day few times a day about xyz
    Do this to start with.

    Then make sure you know who you want to target & audience then start to follow them.

    If they don't follow you back within 3-5 days unfollow them, this will make room for more followers.

    Twitter has stop DM but there are ways you can still DM people when follow (send me a message)

    Also the tool you can use to unfollow & follow id manage filter - this is $12 a month....very good thou.

    I can help you with showing how this works or send over some training where can watch in own time.

    If anybody wants the training just left a comment or send me message.
    Hope this helps to start
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    Postplanner is a Facebook page management tool with some great features. One of the cool features is the content discovery engine where you can search for popular content across the internet based on keywords. You can sort it based on most popular content. This is really powerful because now you can share content that you know is popular already.
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    Here are Some Step You Can Use and You Will Definitely Get Lot Of Followers on Your Facebook.

    1. Promote your Page on Facebook.
    2. Run Facebook Ads.
    3. Boost Your Facebook Posts.
    4. Invite People to Like Your Page.
    5. Promote your page via email.

    Thank You
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    Really DR, engage folks 1-1 on each network. Help people. Share their content. Be generous. Watch your follower count grow.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Follow the simple tips to increase your follower on twitter and Facebook-

    1. First complete your profile with each and every possible detail such as contact detail, short bio related to your services etc...
    2. Add there genuine, relevant User and groups.
    3. Engage your audience at your page and profile.
    4. Write attractive post and add related images.
    5. Schedule post regularly
    6. For Facebook page invite user request manually or by message.
    7. For Twitter comment, retweet, like via other profile post


    Lemosys Infotech is the leading website development company in India, We are team of dedicated web developer. Hire us to get high level IT services for your Business.

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    To improve your Twitter and Facebook followers, Follow the below steps,
    1. Write a professional bio
    2. Post a great content
    3. Use Hashtags
    4. Place a follow button on your website/blog
    5. Engage with other users
    6. Make sure your content is unique & shareable
    7. Reach out to influencers
    8. Follow other users
    9. Encourage other user's posts
    10. Stay Active on social platforms

    Good Luck!.

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    Try to share details to talk about your page in facebook groups which can be related to a brand or enterprise & audience on the webpage on your brand or business. Plus an additional thing which those groups have to have a large number of members, you also will receive more likes and followers.

    Have a nice work.
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    Share valuable contents, then you rock.
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    Well the twitter and Facebook users have different ideology. Facebook is more like a community where people like to make friends, Read interesting topics, Get update on the latest events. so posting an Engaging content which is made with user intent will definitely popularise your brand and you. On the other hand, Twitter is too fas so for increasing the twitter followers you need to follow others, share some useful information and be an active member.
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