Pinterest 1.4 million views per month now what?

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I have 1.4 million views on my pinterest per month now.
Any advice tips?
Its increased my we traffic a lot. Has anyone looked into paid promotion with pinterest, does it work for you?
My obective is to steer more traffic and get some more online sales of my art.
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    How did you find keywords for your boards?
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      Hi Nat, it was a fluke really I hashtag all my instagram posts and then copy most of those from that post, sometimes I change it a bit to suit what I think people on Pinterest would like. I think also as I post everyday helps too, consistency. It just suddenly went up in January. I did read there is some spam thing that can make this happen with spammers, will have to wait and see. The people pinning my posts seem to be legit. Hope this helps!
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    Here are my ways to monetize your Pinterest:
    1. Collaborate with brands
    2.Use affiliate links
    3. Keep your content high-quality and post regularly.

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      Thank you Loren,
      do you know any blog posts/podcasts that may go into these in more detail?
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    You can post for brands looking to drive traffic. You can sell t-shirt designs based on your artwork (if digital).
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      Hi Instamust thats a good idea for tshirts, thanks. I actually have access to a hot flex vinyl cutter and heat press.
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    Definitely start selling a product/service, be it affiliate or not.

    FREE EBOOK: 3 Proven Action Points to build significant profits from E-Mail Marketing:

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    I would definitely suggest Influencer Marketing.

    You're obviously an influencer and have huge reach. Try collaborating with brands, bloggers, and socialites that are related to your niche. That's definitely a great avenue for you.

    Question: how did you grow such a page with such great reach?

    Great job.
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    You got a huge amount of traffic on your pinterest account, here is a big chance to sell your art, some methods can help you, such as:

    -post content where people can go and subscribe.
    -Attractive art can be helpful here.
    -Affiliate marketing can an opportunity to sell your art.
    -Offer services can be another opportunity for selling arts.
    -Discount offer
    -Share your art in different social media it can bring more traffic.
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    Start FBA.
    Try to create a brandable product that interest your audience .
    You will make sales fast as you already have an audience.
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    The best thing you can do with Pinterest is DRIVING TRAFFIC TO YOUR OPT IN PAGE and BUILD YOUR LIST.

    If you have so nice traffic, you can build a really huge list maybe, and so have an ASSET, which is on your all control.

    Can you write what did you do step by step to grow your pinterest account?
    This could also be your opt in giveaway and coaching on the back end!

    PM me for info.
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      Hi Conann,
      I am an artist so I just draw everyday that's my only strategy, pinning something I make everyday. It suddenly got these statistics over a few months....
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    Do you get convertible traffic from Pinterest ..? For me pinterest never works. Facebook helps to generate traffic for me
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      Hi I have only grown the numbers suddenly over a month or so, I have had a few signups etc so far. Sure not as much conversions as I would think, but may change the page layout/offer Im linking to.
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    there are many ways of utilizing this mega traffic. you may go for offering certain deals or you can simply earn money by advertising using your pininterest account.. stay calm and add such words to board that attract people.
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    Dear James do you have boards health, nutrition, weight loss, home, gardening niches? If you do, I would be interested to try and work with you. PM
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