Cross-month post reporting on Twitter for Promoted Tweets

by BodOps
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We did a paid Promotion on an organic Tweet which was originally created as an ORGANIC post on 31st Dec and ran the promotion to the 2nd of Jan.

We spent £25 on it on Dec 31st and then £25 on Jan 1st and second.

I am creating a monthly 'Tweet' type report where I tidy up the standard export (of say January), then add some more detail (like spend and performance on a Promoted post in that month only).

I need to report separately on Jan 18 and Dec 17 showing the organic performance, the paid performance and then the spend for each month only.

I can get the organic and paid performance for Tweets CREATED in Jan using the Jan export (from in the Tweets section), but this doesn't include the tweet created on the 31st. If I extend the date range to the 31st, that's Dec stats going into the Jan report and I can't see the exact performance per-spend divided by the month.

I can see that I spent £25 on 31st and £25 on 1st and 2nd in, but that doesn't show the organic and paid performance for the date range unfortunately.

Any ideas how I can get all of the performance divided between the two months from any reports on either ads or analytics?
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