If you could only reccommend one social media platform for every small business, which would it be?

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I own and operate a small marketing agency in Australia called Claystone marketing. Currently I have 2 Facebook marketing packages tailored towards small businesses. By asking this question I am attempting to gain clarity around my services, in hopes that I am on the right track in filling the small business market here in Australia.

You may choose between the following social media platforms as well as any other you deem to fit the category:

(Remember choose only one and please explain why you deem it first choice. It could be because of it's tools, features, or whatever else)
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    Facebook. Sheer penetration alone is worth it plus the feature list is just insane now.
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    More than 1.37 billion people are on FaceBook everyday!

    No other social media platform has that many people visiting it every day and now that it owns instagram it is the best platform for ads for any company!
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    We cannot emphasize further the fact that Facebook has more number of users every day than other social media platforms. Another reason it is best to choose Facebook is because it is feature-packed. It can basically cater to however you want to present your business to your market.

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    You should consider Facebook, as its having many option to promote your business.

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    i would suggest to use either facebook messenger bot or facebook group
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    Facebook, hands down. It's a very versatile platform that has all the basics you need to get started: messaging, advertising, and a very big user population.

    There are a lot of small-time businesses that only have Facebook pages and still do remarkably well considering the fact that they're mostly catering only to their Facebook audiences. Some just outsource to a social media manager/marketer and have them do most of the hard work.
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    In this way facebook will go first for business purpose. This social media has their own marketing strategy which make it so unique than others. For business, this platform is best, facebook boost option is works very best to spread an ad. Beside it this social media got lots of groups which can be nice business place.
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    Facebook, hands down. It's the largest social media platform. Millions upon millions of people you can target. Facebook ads can get really specific and targeted for only people more likely to respond.
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    Facebook all the way. Sponsored ads are so helpful, especially in hitting your target market. You get to waste no penny at all. Instagram could be my second choice, especially with its simplicity and user-friendliness. The marketplace on Instagram has been expanding, as well. -Micah
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    Facebook is king when you are starting out, then you can add IG to the list of your social media platforms. You reach more audiences this way.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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