Facebook ads - how to distribute my budget across campaigns?

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Hello guys!

I want to do FB or google ads to try to validate a few ideas I have in the back of my mind. Technically I know how to run them because I took a great course, but I don't have real experience...

My question is the following: I want to invest $1000 in facebook ads, how to spread my money across campaings?

For example, I can do something like

10 campaings x 100 dollars each

20 campaings x 50 dollars each

and so on...

And I'm also wondering how do I know when should I pull them down/scale them?

Hope to hear some thoughts on that. Seriously, I really have no clue about it and I didn't see any info about it
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    I'm not sure how I'd distribute that amount of money, I ran them at £5 a day when I had an offline business.

    I used to clean ovens and had a before and after image of a bad oven and put our phone number and website in the text.

    After a few days Facebook should have at least begun to optimise them and you can get an idea of the click through rates, so I'd keep an eye on them.
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    You can try mixing both of the plans you have in mind. You can go with 5 campaigns x 100 dollars each + 10 campaigns x 50 dollars each. Variation can be good, especially if you are still in the experimental stage. Just set your target market wisely and come up with smart ads. -Micah
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