Can i create one channel and rank youtube videos in different languages with success?

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I need to know if I have just one channel can I rank one youtube videos in different languages. I dont want to make a lot of Youtube channel in different languages and mantain each one and spent too much time. I just want to have one and create videos in around 10 languages. 7 years ago I did that and one of my videos was viral and have 300.000 visits in some days maybe nowadays the Youtube Algorithm change and it is not possible. But does anyone did something like this? thanks!
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    Subtitles, captions, and translations are a great help in both your ranking and maintaining engagement from people all over the world. If your videos are of quality and relevance and your channel is properly optimized (channel keywords), I believe you will rank.

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    Informative things are always welcome whatever the language is. But one thing everyone cant understand every language so make it different language is nice idea. If videos got quality of materials then there is lots of possibility of ranking them up.
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    Hey, heartdragon.

    For manual translation options, check out a video on YouTube by a chap named Herman Drost of isitebuild, called How To Translate YouTube Videos To English Or Another Language.

    For automating the process, there's a new digital product that's just been released called Lingo Blaster. Google or YouTube it for details.

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