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Hey everyone,

Just watched a webinar on building a profitable FB groups. The idea sounds realistic, and definitely manageable. Now, I plan to build my group by asking questions, engaging people in conversation, and so on. Eventually, I would suggest products from affiliates for example Amazon. Thinking of building a website with products would also be a good idea. I understand there's lots of time needed to build this, and A LOT to learn... but I've got to start somewhere.

My question is...
What are some niches that you guys have had success with? Have you had success using FB groups/advertising?
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    Weight loss, skin care, fitness, and any health-related niches are huge online these days. Using Facebook as an advertising platform really helped, being the biggest with 2 million+ subscribers. It helped in establishing my presence and generating traffic to my website. But to be really successful in gaining customers, you should not limit your reach in Facebook only.

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    I don't know what your personal interests are and since it takes a long time to build a solid FB group if you are not personally interested in that specific niche or market you will not last long enough to be able to monetize the group! PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!

    But I do know right now there is huge interest in how to beat Food Addiction!
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    What webinar did you watch on profitable FB groups? Please share if you can.
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      Originally Posted by geoffcrain87 View Post

      What webinar did you watch on profitable FB groups? Please share if you can.
      Don't build a FB group
      Build a website
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    Probably go meta, that always seems to work. Like people making money online from courses about making money online. A Facebook group about how to build a Facebook group. There you go. You will know what you're talking about since you're already learning that.

    That's kind of a joke obviously, though groups seem to be pretty popular today too. "Make money online" is an eternal evergreen though, there's always room for one more, so if you can't come up with something better you can always try that.
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    I take back this post to some extent...
    FB groups are great, however...you don't OWN it.
    Hard work can be wiped off the face of the earth...
    People who paid 2k for this...well it's not the best way
    Focus on building niche sites
    Check out incomeschool if you haven't heard of them on Youtube.
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