My wife is an influencer with 250K+ followers, how do we monetize this?

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My wife is an influencer with 250K+ followers on Instagram (mostly food & lifestyle posts), how do we monetize this?
Besides the sponsored posts she does of course, that already she does.
I'm talking about other opportunities, anything I can do to use that following and monetize it.

Open to all ideas here.
Thanks a bunch!
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  • Hi,
    through affiliate marketing. She can post reviews about products and promote them!
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    I would recommend that she starts a blog if she does not already have one. She can post her link in the bio area of her Instagram account...

    Then, on her blog, she can promote cool products she has tried (or not, if she does the research). If there are any particular product lines that she really likes, she could see if they have an affiliate program.

    What I normally do is to contact the seller (if I do not find the affiliate page for their product) and see if an arrangement can be made for commissions. It's sometimes the case that a product an affiliate program that they do not advertise.

    In any case, with her visitor count, she could really start making money almost immediately.

    Owner and Operator of

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    I would first make a website with blog post so people can watch her stuff on her website as well. Then I would add ads on this website. Why? Because when people will click on those ads, she will receive a ''commission'' (something like $0.25/click) . So that's the beggining.

    After that, affiliate marketing in insane. Go on and enter in the search bar for exemple ''Food, cooking, receipe, etc...'' . You are going to have a lot of affiliate offers regarding your wife's niche. When you choose one that is good. You can sign up to it! She's going to have a link and when she will put this link on her IG bio (for exemple) and that people will click on it to get the product or service, she will receive a commission.

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    (250k?! Wow! Many of us here can only dream of having that many followers. Kudos to your wife)

    I agree with the others here. Affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go. She ought to start a blog and post product reviews there. Heck, she can even tell anecdotes about her life and then name drop a product she used that day.

    If your wife isn't much into writing, that's fine. Some affiliates don't write their own blog posts but just hire a freelancer. Just make sure to get someone skilled enough who can capture her personality in words. Makes the writing more believable.
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    Not to beat a dead horse but affiliate marketing is a must.

    Aside from that since she obviously doesn't mind being in the spotlight, I would create a a Youtube channel with videos in her already existing niche. From here she can send her huge instagram following to her channel plus get new exposure. Start monetizing the videos and promoting relevant products and she has a new stream of revenue.
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    The best monetization method in my experience is to create your own product or service and sell that. It's a lot of work initially, but it'll convert better and you'll have higher margins.

    "Food & lifestyle" is pretty vague so I'm not sure if this suggestion would apply, but maybe come up with an ebook of recipes or meal plans and sell that.
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    Lately the highest earners on Instagram are those with their Shopify Dropshipping stores. Shopify+Oberlo+Instagram=MONEY
    Since she has Lifestyle posts, it will be easy to find products to promote.
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    Hi Oz-ie,

    1-1 human, genuine engagement is the key. This is where the money is.

    Sponsored posts, directing readers to her blog - I hope she has a self-hosted WP blog - and obviously stocking the blog with helpful free blog posts along with eBooks, products and services are other monetizing options.

    250 K is an inanimate number. But the humans whom you interact with, who follow her, Like updates and comment on posts, this is where the money is at.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Find product on clickbank. And promote it and got commission
    Hope will get many money
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    Try checking your wife's engagement rate. If it's around 2% and above then that is really something. You can sell shoutouts for that.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Allow sponsored posts; posts affiliate links; product reviews. You can directly find businesses who are in need at Tomoson - Influencer marketing platform.
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    Get people subscribing to an email list ASAP. Then create a value ladder.

    Create something she can give away for free, followed by something she can sell for a few dollars that costs a few bucks, followed by something even more beneficial to her audience that she can sell for way more.
    HAVE A KILLER APP IDEA? We help entrepreneurs build their app ideas and websites. LEARN MORE.
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    I recommend, she do a collaboration with brands or other influencers.
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    You could start your own Shopify store and sell products through the Instagram profile. Another thing you might want to look into is posting in various Shopify Facebook groups and ask if anyone is looking for a health and fitness influencer and charge for the posts. You can start comparing your prices with others by looking at similar profiles with around the same amount of followers and you can ask them how much they are charging for influencer posts. One of the biggest things right now is Shopify and Instagram Influencers.
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