Facebook Ad Process for Men's Bracelet Store

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So I am a little torn on which route to take when doing Facebook ads.

Do I do one of the following:
1. Put out a good number of ads with different products to a general audience to find a product winner on our website.
2. Pick one product (all of our products are pretty similar) and try to find a winning audience.

Also I have been running ads to one of my products that I think is doing pretty decent based on content views (around $0.25 per content view) but I've only gotten 3 purchases for $200 and my products cost $10 so I'm not making a profit. What should I do here?
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    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    My vote is #1. Go for the broadest audience and find a trend / niche that converts and focus. My guess is your product that sells via other channels will also be your best seller from your FB ads.
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    Looks like a lot of your advertising budget is going towards finding an audience for your products. Also, it appears you're running video views which is a great first step. The bad news is that it took you $200 to make $30.

    The first thing you need to do is restructure your marketing strategy around the 3 products that sold. Since you spent $200 on video views, FB has already captured an audience for you that you can remarket to. I say remarket to because it's a warm audience... they have seen your brand already.

    It's a more effective strategy to remarketing to an audience who is familiar with your brand, instead of continuing to market to a new audience. Also, keep in mind that it takes about 3 touches before someone purchases on FB. If you got 3 sales on your initial ad that's a great start.

    Make sure you have pixels installed on all your pages to give you more remarking options. Eventually, you'll be able to create a look-a-audience based on the people who purchased from you.
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    I would split test multiple products. When you run your ads, create multiple ad groups and target different audiences. That way you can see which audience converts better. Do that for each ad you put up.
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