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Hi All,

I am tasked with coming up with a plan to gain engaged Twitter followers for a corporate page with about 450 followers.

The company sells IT enterprise solutions (not the most exciting field), and I have been allotted 5k to do so over a time span of about 3 months.

Was wondering if it would be best to split test following ads and put all 5k into this, or if anyone had any other ideas.

Your help and suggestions are appreciated.


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  • okk. to have more twitter follower you can take help from crowdfire and also twiends. these two are free tools. You can google them.
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      Thanks for sharing those 2 tools.
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      Here are some simple things you can do to get more Twitter followers.

      1. Link all of your social media accounts to each other
      2. Add your Twitter profile URL to your email signature
      3. Create a few YouTube videos promoting your channel
      4. Do a Facebook live and ask people to follow you on Twitter
      5. Use Twitter paid ads
      6. Do a contest of giveaway and pick random winners from new followers

      That would be a good starting point.
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    Well, you might go to some crowdsourcing sites like then put your campaign
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    Remember that all social media platforms have different rules and take big steps to protect themselves and their users. Can there be a product advertising campaign with prizes for subscribers?
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    As social media twitter also get humongous amount of traffic, this is why this platform can be good for online business. So there are lots of methods which are really effective for get more followers, such as:

    -Cover photo and Profile picture should be looks professional.
    -Do tweet in a right time when audience are more, this time is ideal for get more followers.
    -Profile biography which gives a proper look of a profile.
    -@ message is really working on this site
    -Ask question with different people, this another way of get followers.
    -Need to be with niche, sometime people do their works but it goes for another niche this can hamper for get more followers.
    -Link profile with other social media.
    -Follow best users of your own niche.
    -Regularity is important here.
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  • For getting more twitter followers you can share your article,blog, press release link with keywords on twitter, The link you want to share must be short into, so used this method you came under more profit.
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    Maybe I wasn't clear. But I have $5,000 to do this with and not really sure the best approach. Not set goal for followers in mind, just increasing engaged audiences.
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    The way I see it, you have two choices.
    • The people who already use your product (software?)
    • Your sales people

    The only people that would care about your twitter account are either current end users or potential buyers.

    If it's software you're selling then focus on how to better serve your users, get them to retweet useful info.

    Again, If it's software related your sales people need to be involved. Piggyback off the sales people and their sales tactics.
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    I think manual way is the best way for increasing followers. You can follow people with similar interests and also post relevant posts on twitter so that people can retweat or give favorite to your posts,
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  • Crowdfire
    twibble are two tools who give you followers as well popularity in twitter
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    Twitter has now tightened its privacy policy and cannot use third-party applications. I used to use different twitter plugins on my sites, and now they are all banned. All that remains is to pay for advertising on Twitter and be involved in various trend themes.
    ---->>> The best money-making Educational Sector Affiliate Program - 60% for the 1st order, 40% for the others.
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    Gaining Twitter followers is no easy task.
    3 Best Tools to Gain More Twitter Followers
    1) Fiverr
    2) Manage Flitter
    3) Twibble
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    Thanks for sharing this big information of twitter
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    I think manual way is the potential way for increasing followers.
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    Tweet full will be of greater help if you intend to target followers with specific key words.I be been using it for quite a while and has been of great help.Please note that this is a bot and may have negative effects if used aggressively.Just take caution if you intend using it.
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  • Tweet frequently
    Optimize your posting time
    Post visual content
    Utilize hashtags
    Engage with replies, retweets and tags
    Create an inviting profile
    Identify followers within your network
    Draw in followers outside of Twitter
    No bots, no spammy tactics. Just eight actionable steps you can take ASAP to attract valuable, flesh-and-blood followers. Whether you're after more leads or just want to get the attention of big names in your industry, the following tips are totally fair game.
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    One of the best ways to gain new followers is for people to see you as a hub for information. Share information your followers will love, value, and use. This can come in the way of nuggets of knowledge like quotes or sharing links to content online.
    Clearly state to people what you provide and who you provide it for. This will help potential followers decide whether or not they're going to hit that follow button.
    Use hashtags and reply people when appropriate. This will help your profile show up in searches for those hashtags and accounts. Maximum visibility for the win!
    Get straight to the point because you don't have time (or characters) to waste on Twitter.
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