How to make the Social Media Channels of a Vegan food company, popular and interacting?

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Hi all,
I've been post as Social Media Manager in a company that has no IT or digital marketing background. I mean its a Start-up for Vegan food products and I am a little bit confused over how to plan a perfect strategy as I'm a fresher in the field. The company has firms under it - one which provides ready-to-cook Vegan products and another is they have their food trucks also serving quality vegan food. Any help regarding this? Actually I have first firm's global pages that has been worked upon by an IT/Digital Marketing company but now they've taken it in-house and also I've created another firm's Social Pages. I need help to build a strategy.
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  • Congratz on the client,
    Do you have any experience with marketing/advertising, or is it just a social media platform?
    I'm not trying to be rude, I'm actually impressed if you don't.

    If its a start up, I'm thinking they don't have much capital to put into advertising, but you need traffic.

    I would look to see if they have any connections with other companies to utilize for advertising. Sister companies, neighboring companies that don't mind helping you out.

    If they are a local company than you will have to find the local Social Media Groups, specifically on Facebook, to try and advertise through.

    Hit up areas that will be profitable for the food trucks (sporting events, car show, anything that draws a crowd)

    If its national, than Social media ads, focusing on the US is probably going to be your best be. Start thinking how you can get word of mouth going. Maybe a Instagram account if its a national company.

    Not sure if this helps, but at least gets the brain storming going,
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