If you sell an information product which social media platform has led to the most success

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If you're selling eBooks or video courses I was wondering where you have the most success? Facebook, Linkedin? or??
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    With eBooks or video courses, most ads I see are on Facebook.
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    I believe YouTube and Facebook would be your best bet for informational products (not dirently linked to a website)
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    Depends on your target audience. If it's a B2B product for that audience you might try Linkedin. Facebook if it's B2C. Paid ads on Facebook can get expensive as you scale, versus each lead you get with a subscription model like Linkedin brings your cost per lead/acquisition down. Linkedin will be more conversational, just don't use the same funnel as you use on Facebook.
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    For me?

    1. YouTube.
    2. Facebook.
    3. Instagram.

    - Tom

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    Well I've had the most success with YouTube, but I think it has less to do with the platform and more to do with that being the medium where I can help people to the best of my ability and deliver the most value, so that's where I tend to get my most supportive followers from.

    I don't think any platform is objectively better or worse than another. It all comes down to how you connect with people. For some, Instagram is best. Others, Facebook. And so on.
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