Should I add URL parameters to my social media bios?

by pdg203
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I want to start digging a bit deeper into our traffic from social media and would like to see how much is coming from our actual profile. Do you think it looks okay to add URL parameters to the bio link on Twitter (with a URL shortener as well) or would that not look very appealing? I realize it always looks better when you can see the "" in the bio....especially coming from a small brand with only several hundred followers. Any thoughts?
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    If you are trying to track the traffic on Google Analytics, yeah adding UTM parameters will help you in getting more insights into your traffic. If you don't have an idea of what parameters to use, try using the Google Campaign Builder tool. You can also shorten the parameterized URL using a URL shortener service.
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      Thanks so much for that! Definitely, plan on using Campaign Builder paired with a URL shortener if I go that route. Just trying to determine whether or not that will look off-putting sitting in a bio. I will start digging into some other bios to see if anyone else is doing it
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    I think short URLs aren't too strange nowadays since they help your posts and bios look cleaner. Besides, it's all internal tracking, so I don't think people will mind finding a longer URL once they click on your link. Try it and see how it works!
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    In my experience it helps to keep the link as clean and simple as possible especially when it comes to bios on different social media. Instagram provides you with the traffic form your account if you have a business page anyways so I wouldn't risk it.
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