New online social community. Now What?

by briah
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I've started a social community that is free. I've done the FB ads, blogging, email invites, social media marketing. I'm not getting very many signups. I'm now trying to figure out what to tweak to make this better. No, I'm not doing videos on Youtube yet.

Any input would be appreciated.

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  • What is the page? I'd like to check it out and help funnel traffic
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    The domain name is under my profile name.

    How would you help funnel traffic to the site? I've had a few signups from friends and 2 that I don't know listed their businesses, but for now that has been it. I'm considering going out to see if I can promote the site the old fashioned way which is face to face.

    Thank you.

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    • Just signed up to take a look around.
      You began your first step, introducing your social site here, now to get conversations going and exchanging links. It looks like a great resource so far.
      Kuddos to you for stepping out and creating this- that takes alot of courage
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        Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. I truly appreciate that. A good resource is what I am trying to create. I'm going to look at your site later tonight and get back with you.

        Thank you.
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        • Let me know if you have any questions on the blankets. Appreciate your visit
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    The social gathering place for people and
    businesses to connect.
    Build Your Network.

    I'm reading this (above) but it doesn't do anything for me. Isn't Facebook the place to gather and LinkedIn for business contacts?

    Not sure why you have Facebook and G+ login, If I'm already on those authority social sites why do i need another social site account for the same thing/s?

    You have a long ways to go with creating a more enticing Home page. My advice, stop spending money on traffic right now and get the site in order.

    BTW, you HTML/Title says "Landing Page".
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      Hi Yukon,

      Thanks for providing some feedback.

      Yes FB and LI have their own established sites that cater to niches. However, they are branching out blending now. I feel that there is room for another site such as this. Not everyone wants to utilize those sites.

      The FB and G+ logins are optional for someone to choose to login that way. They can always just sign up the regular way as another option. I felt that by placing those links there would provide some credibility to the site because to get the API, the developer has to be approved by those sites. They are not automatically given out to anyone to use.

      Yes, I've stopped the cash on the paid advertising for now. Good observation, I am aware that the page says landing page on it. There are a few tweaks that are needed, but the site is fully functional now. I felt better to go ahead and promote the site and work on the issues as I go sort of like Microsoft does.

      Thank you.
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