If you are an Instagram star, and now you are going to start an entirely new page. What will you do?

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Now that you have accumulated the knowledge over the years, you will be starting a page with zero followers. And, let's say that you cannot market it through your big channel?

I am a complete Instagram newbie. But I am hell-bent on making a great Instagram page for my father's business. As it will be something profoundly satisfying. To give back to a person who had given me everything, and this would be the ultimate payback.

So, please warriors, give me your guidance as I am so much needing it!
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    First of all, I like how you approach this question rather than being "How do I get more followers?" thread #21368.

    In my years within social media (Instagram in particular) I've built a couple pages from scratch for clients.
    I would advice you to look up other pages in your niche and write down what you like about their page and what you dislike about it. Use those notes as a check-list for your own acocunt.

    Make sure your bio is clean and formatted, there's nothing worse than visiting a page and immediately get blasted with a wall of boring text. Also make sure you prepare plenty of posts before hand and a couple relevant hashtags (5-15 should do it). While people say content is king on Instagram I would argue that consistency is just as important.

    If you ever have any quick questions about social media I'd be glad to help out, it's always a nice feeling to put your knowledge to use.

    The biggest business-booster on Instagrma nobody talks about is DM's. Don't be afraid to communicate with other pages in your niche and provide them with value. It will be way easier to build your page when you can learn form others mistakes and build connections at the same time.
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      Thank you so much for all the wonderful insights, and for your supportive words. I will be sure to apply it all. And thank you for offering me to contact you personally in case of any hardships, I am truly grateful for it.
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    I would:

    - create helpful posts aka eye-popping images

    - comment on other IG user updates

    - like other IG user upates

    - message other IG users, asking how I can help them

    If you are of service and generous on any network, you succeed.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad at Blogging From Paradise
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