Looking for an awesome IG Followliker expert for some further targeting advice

by SDJ74
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Hi Brothers and sisters,

Having been on Instagram for a while now, I´ve seen some terrific results on my accounts. Both in terms of engagement and lead generation.

But recently I decided to give followliker a chance to convince me that it´s doing a better job than myself on generating constant streams of targeted leads.

Truth is, I must admit I have gotten a bit disappointed on its ability to do so. I´m a business and success coach, so I´ve been playing around with different hashtags and targeted, but it seems no matter what I do with Followliker, I don´t get the desired results as I was getting without it.

The targeting is way off and it seems like it doesn´t really "follow my instructions" by beginning to follow a TON of private accounts - even though I have specifically told it not to do so. Also, it´s following accounts I would have never followed myself. And a TON of them.

thirdly, it seems that I now have to go ahead and UNFOLLOW all these mistargeted accounts MANUALLY, since FL does NOT provide dong so at a satisfactory speed either.... Grrr... lol

Are there any "Followliker experts" out there with some awesome advice on how I can finally get things turned around so I can free up more time to do the things I NEED to do as a business coach?...

Looking forward to seeing what comes up.

"Have patience with yourself and remember to pad yourself on the shoulder for the small changes you create on the way..."
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    Followliker works great , you can follow and unfollow the same amount of follower after 3 days

    when followling accounts, you have to follow user's followers .but before you shuld take a look at the account to see if it is real or most of followers are fake.you can also avoid priavte accounts.
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    In the past, I've used Followadder. I think that a lot of my positive results have stemmed from the type of research I did before putting in any information in the program. I made sure to identify "my competition" on IG first and slowly but surely, I've generated several leads and grew my following by a couple thousand in the past couple of months.
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    I would honestly look into Jarvee. You can use multiple accounts with a single subscription, and it works for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin as well as Instagram. It gives you more granular control over follow/liking as well as commenting and you can schedule your posts on there to boot. Win win!
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    Like all social networks:

    - follow interesting users generously
    - comment on updates
    - Like updates

    The way to *get* on the network is to *give* of your time, talents and generosity. Works awesome long term. Works poorly short term, or works poorly for folks who want short cuts.
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    Thanks, guys. I´ll definitely look into Jarvee. What you´re saying makes sense. This is also what I´ve seen works so far. Great idea about analyzing ones market before one adjusts the accounts. As well as analyzing one´s target markets behaviors/when they´re online the most. These things can also be measured and tracked on IG´s business account setup.

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