How to find the right niche and what language I must use? Instagram

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Hey all

I'm new to the instagram ( as a business ), I'm really interested in setting up an instagram account about travelling, talking about tips, destinations guides, etc .. I know that there are many many insta accounts and blogs who are specialized in that.

I've read an advice on several blogs that I must be more detailed like focusing only on luxurious trips, or solo travelling, but I'm afraid of not finding much content to post about if I was too specialized in a certain field, especially because I travel only like once or twice a year only. So what are your thoughts ?

Second, I live in the middle east, and these kind of blogs or insta accounts are rare and don't have many followers ( unprofessional work ) That's why I was thinking of posting in Arabic language as there is literally no competition. But my problem is if I did that I can't benefit from affiliating famous sites like Amazon, as it is expensive to ship to the middle east and there aren't many people here buy from amazon.
So from what I've said should I stick with one language ? or can I post in two languages ? like I post a picture and I write in both languages under it. will that harm my account ?
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    Have you ever searched for other kinds of affiliate marketing apart from instagram or you like do the business on instagram?
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      Originally Posted by Gladys92 View Post

      Have you ever searched for other kinds of affiliate marketing apart from instagram or you like do the business on instagram?

      Honestly I thought of instagram, facebook and youtube. But for me youtube won't work as I don't travel often and I suck looking at the camera ( a bit awkward )
      So I thought of instagram and facebook together and post the same things at the same time at these both platforms.

      And why I chose Instagram is because I decided to do travelling and travelling niches require stunning pictures so instagram would be better and at the same time I post on facebook linking the two accounts together.

      I honestly don't know if my approach to this thing is correct or just naive. I'm new to marketing and doing business on social media

      So what is your opinion about all of this and about which language to write in. Can I concentrate my focus to two different groups at once Europe, USA and the middle east or should I stick with one language and one region ?
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