Does my plan is good for IG Followers to promote my brand?

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Hi guys!

I'm starting my own clothing brand, I do have some big influencers to work with, (Between 100k-800k), all in my niche, I do also have some Micro influencers between 15k-50k, total 15 influencers that are ready to promote my clothes on their story and their page.

However, I know this won't be enough, I'm looking to get many followers and I know there's more methods to increase that.

As for the brand it self and pictures, I'm going to use top quality pictures (All are taken by professional photographer), all the pictures will be taken with top quality models, I invested a lot here.

However, I have read so many things to gain more followers beside influencers such as hashtags\ follow\unfollow, and sponsored ads.

I do want to avoid the Follow\unfollow and also spam with hashtags, for some reason it seems less professional for me, I have also read that with IG Ads I won't achieve same results like FB and costs will be high (Not sure if it's correct).

I wonder if I'm missing something here or there's more ways to promote my brand, I will continue to use Micro influencers and will make sure to have about 10-15 new posts each month with new person and again, all of them are very specific to my niche and all with real followers and high engagement.

I hope there's more ways to increase my followers and would like to hear if you have any information that may help me or if my plan is not as good and can be improved.

Thank you so much!!
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    Yes, i haven't had much success with the follow/unfollow method and robotic commenting - the followers i get lack engagement.

    Engagement is key. Microinfluencers are a good way to go. I still stand by Hashtags but also manually commenting and linking your IG account to your blog or an ebook published on Amazon, all go a long way to getting you engaged followers.
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