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Hello, I'm wondering if it makes more sense that say for example once any specific social media account reaches a specific level, would it not make more sense to open a second and just start building up the second one? That way in the unlikely even that anything was to happen to say your main social media, at least then you wouldn't have put all your eggs in one basket. Does that make sense? Or would it not really matter? Your thoughts?
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  • Yeah you are right, it is never safe to put all your eggs in one basket. Or as Elon Musk said, put your eggs in one basket only if you can control what happens with the basket. So for all the social media website, unless you do not own one yourself, it is wise to have multiple accounts on various platforms....
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    If you don't market yourself (then the subject of your channel may not have that relevance) and wanna reach another audience it can be a reason to open a second account: music instead of tech or 21 year old instead of 60 year old people for example.

    Also the channels you follow will all be in the same field/ more organized and for the twitter posts you get displayed it's the same. Useful.
    Does anyone have some more experiences with splitting their traffic? Join the discussion...
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