How to grow Facebook groups past 2K members

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Hi guys!

So I manage a FB group with 2K members. This is where I sell my copywriting mentorship program and online course. But I've run into a couple of problems, especially lately...

1. Getting more members organically seems harder - only get 1-10 a week.
2. Engagement is DROPPING - recent posts are by me.
3. Other members are shifting to a group similar to ours
4. We've tried so hard to market this as a community

So I don't know where we went wrong...

Any tips/advice?
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    Hmm tough to tell without seeing the group. Ask yourself, what is the other, competing group doing differently? Are you a member of any of these other similar groups so you can see what's popular there and what the draw is? Are you utilizing video/FB live? Just ideas. Like I said, I'm hypothesizing here without any real data.
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      Also reach has been a real struggle lately for a lot of folks on FB. Are you boosting any of your posts?
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    Focus less on numbers Raffy and more on growing 1 to 1 friendships, 1 human being at a time, organically. Definitely the way to go, to grow your business. Numbers do not grow business. Human beings you bond with, and serve, and befriend, do. So share helpful content, ask questions and share answers for your Facebook Group members. This is how to grow business on FB.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Great advice Ryan! I'd rather have 100 engaged and active members than 200000 shells. It's hard to say where the op is struggling without seeing the group in action but you can't go wrong with your advice. Spot on.
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    I think you should not only focus on your group. You should try other groups as well to share your stuff through group sharing and post sharing. In this way, you will definitely get audience direct from other groups to your group that becomes your permanent member and try to engage people through your stuff by giving them a poll.
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    Yes, I agree with this but if you want to make a relationship with people that are your targeted audience then you must have to go out of the boundaries. Sticking to your group will never benefit you try other groups as well as engage people trying other sources not only the facebook group.
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    In that cases the quality is better than quantity.
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    How to Manage and Grow a Facebook Group

    1. Be Vulnerable
    2. Schedule/Setup your daily FB posts
    3. Keep up the engagement with your group members.
    4. Manage the requests to join your facebook group.
    5. Filter all the posts from the members.
    6. Know your members.
    7. Add value to your group.
    8. Welcome new members.
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    I have several community and ad groups but find hundreds of members post BUT very little engagement and likes of my members and own sales offers

    Internet marketing and web designing excellence
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    Boost up your post, this will help you.
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      I agree, try to boost up ur post, it really works.
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