Free traffic from Facebook, i call it the second list!!!

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Hey friends!

For those of you who is looking for a proven free traffic source
It's Facebook.

I have made a lot of cheap sales and
one sale $150 by using this strategy

It's not spam groups or people.

Here's how. Facebook allows you to have 5000 friends
That's where the miracle happens

You build a list of 5k friends, then build the relationship with them
Don't pitch products all the time, you post great contents instead.

Sometime you pitch product.You should know about your product as much as you could

Because you don't want to fall into the situation that
when your prospects asking you more info about your product

You answer that :"oh, i don't even know about what i'm selling, and you should not either
just buy it, give me money...haha, it's not going to work

Free and paid traffic is valuable
I love them both!

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