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Hello i want to learn facebook ads but some of the courses that i'm considering are way to expensive. any affordable courses that you ca recommend?
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    Just read their terms and conditions and then read blogs that provide FREE advice. Invest your money on the ad itself.
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    I have never paid for a course but Franklin hatchet's youtube videos give a good start to beginners
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    There are some on udemy check the number of good review and then you can search for coupon and get it and even there are many free
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    I recommend that you study the advertising of some other social network. I would try instagram. It seems to me that advertising there is much more effective.
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    Try blogs by adespresso it will help you. find some free courses on udemy. Read blogs and vlogs of jon loomer, that will really going to help you to understand the basics or get started. please note your practice is the key to be successful.
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    Hey well I dont think you need a course, courses will not help you one a daily basis facebook updates its way to advertise so there is no one course that will get the job done.

    You should be looking for mentor and yes its expensive but well worth it.

    I have paid mentors upto 2000 just for their 1 hour of sharing a skill that later on makes me 15K consistently.

    So dont fear investing in your self thats the education that will help you than going to school.


    Connect with me on skype sameer.mukhtar1
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    Too many free courses are available.
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    Googl helps
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    I took several Facebook courses before and the content pretty much the same.
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    It's too easy to learnt with help of Google and You Tube and also many free courses are available.If you want to join courses than you can join your nearest digital marketing institution.
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    Facebook Ads changes very often with their algorithms. If you do find a course, make sure it has been updated extremely recently.
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    There are some facebook bootcamps for starting for free made by anik singal.

    But the real way is testing, testing, testing
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    There is a huge number, of course, available over the internet. you can join any of them, some of them are udamy, coursa, etc. But I suggest you to try facebook ads with your self. Just read the guidelines and get started with a small amount.
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    I recommend that you self study with google help
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  • Profile picture of the author tprestoza please go to the link. You can have all the options on how you would advertise on FB. It's very affordable.
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    Cat Howell, joing her FB group facebook ads hack
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    Howdy Everyone,

    I recommend that, the Facebook Blueprint Certification is a clear way for marketers to stand out from other experts in their field. It allows marketers to demonstrate their expertise in advertising across all of Facebook's products--including Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Passing the exam earns you a digital badge that you can share as part of your professional identity.
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    I found Ben Malol's course really effective.
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  • You can use FB Ads Help Center to learn how to build FB page or create FB Ads or ask any question. The info is more comprehensive and up-to-date.
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    Just head over to Youtube and learn the basics. If you want to learn advanced tactics you could invest in a course.
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    Stay away from Kevin David's Facebook Ninja - Basic to say the least
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    You can learn from the social media examiner, social samosa, social sprouts and can also look for the facebook blue print certifications to enhance your skills.
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    You can learn it in youtube or udemy for free. It is very simple. Don't trust any other.
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    The Best Facebook Advertising Training Courses, Tutorials, Classes and Lesson Plans

    Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Review.
    From Udemy: The Complete Facebook Ads Course - All The Way From Beginner To Advanced.
    LinkedIn Learning: Free Facebook Course for Beginners.
    LinkedIn Learning: Advanced Facebook Marketing Training.
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