How To Tell If A Facebook Page Has Fake Likes ? 2018

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Hi guys,

I found many irrelevant articles from past years with a wide range of ways (that not working anymore) to check if Facebook page has fake likes.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any method that work properly on 2018.

I'll appreciate if is there any new ideas/ways to help me with this issue.


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    Just look at their followers, open their accounts and make a judgement
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    Engagement separates genuine Likes from fake Likes Roy.

    If a Page update generates a high volume of genuine comments and Shares, relative to the number of Page Likes, you see a real Page with real Fans. Anything else is either fake or pure dead weight. Meaning heavy on numbers but light on engaging Fans, aka, brand advocates and humans growing your business.

    Engagement is the buzzword buddy. Look for it to see a rocking Page.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    There isn't any bot that I have heard of YET. But what actually determines the success of the page is the actual interaction of the page's followers.
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    Sounds maybe a bit sexist but this is when I get suspicious - when an account with a female in the photo asks for friendship request. I know you were talking about likes and not fakes... I was running a blog before and had a FB account. I added an account of a dude for a similar blog and suddenly loads of his "friends" began adding me. When linked accounts start liking your page, imo something doesn't smell right..
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    I think if you check the no of friends or follower on his/her profile we can easily distinguish fake likes.
    This is the simplest logic I believe.
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