Business-based or personal?

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Is it recommended to use a separate business-based Facebook ID instead personal ID for posting affiliate links to the Facebook groups?

Thanking you in anticipation.


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    Hmmmm Riz....I see folks go in both directions buddy.

    Personally I like to use 1 account for full transparency across the board. This means I am comfortable being me with personal friends, business friends, readers, customers, prospects....and humanity Great way to be genuine and to accept yourself too because if you are being authentic throughout your business and life there is no need to play 2 different roles for 2 different groups of people, right?

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    Does it really matter?
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    I think it is better to be consistent with whichever ID you choose to use. It is good to be known by a particular ID.
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    Hey There,

    I tried to have 2 fb profiles before, 1 personal and 1 business, too much work. So I use my profile for both business and personal.
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    I personally prefer keeping my business profile separate from my personal one. Though it's not like I'm that active on my personal Facebook anyway. In general, however, maintaining 2 accounts on your own can be a tiresome task. I get around the problem by having my VA handle my business account most of the time.

    Like Fidelcash mentioned, just be consistent with which account you use for business.
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    Yes it is better to use separate account for your business purpose. Because you can handle them easily and manage them.
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    In that situation be better to use business-based ID
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    If you don't want to mix together your business and personal space, then you should create a separate ID. However, keeping both up would be tedious unless if you're not that active on your personal FB then you should be okay. But if you want to be transparent all throughout, then by all means stick to one ID.
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  • Ideally you should have 2 different accounts. But I agree that maintaining 2 is a bit tiresome. So what I do instead is play with the privacy setting with my posts. Work/business posts are public. Personal posts are private or for close friends only.
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    Facebook page cannot post in Facebook group?
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    Ad accounts are associated with people, not with Pages. You can claim or request access to your personal ad account to use for the Page, or you can create an ad account within Business Manager.

    If you want to add your personal ad account to your Business Manager, you can access the ad account ID either within the ad account URL, or by accessing your account settings. You can access your personal ad account by navigating to

    If you would like to create a new ad account within your Business Manager, follow the steps provided in our Help Center:
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    I'm using an account for business.
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    But does facebook really allow free posting of affiliate links?
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    1 account is enough for your business.
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    You can create 1 account and a business page that can promote your affiliate links.
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    In order to find this answer, I had to check Facebook's help centre. Here, I searched for questions like, "are you allowed to do affiliate marketing on Facebook?" and "what are the rules and guidelines for posting affiliate marketing ads on my Page?".

    There are the responses from the Facebook Help Team. Each response illustrates that Facebook DO allow people to publish affiliate links on their Pages.
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    Of course separate. The official business channel must be separate from your personal-casual channel. Imagine someone going through your official business channel and all of a sudden they see you with your friends barbecuing, I can only imagine the reactions from that.

    Your official business channel must be formal and must look professional in order to build confidence and trust in your brand.
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