Facebook: Friend Or Foe Of Ecommerce Sales?

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Hey there, Fred Lam here!

I consider Facebook a FRIEND of eCommerce sales for 1 simple reason:

My 3x3 Facebook ad method continues to generate sales, time after time.

Today I want to break down exactly what my 3x3 method is and why it works so well on Facebook.

First, let's take a look at some Facebook/eCommerce stats:

-- 85% of ALL social media orders for eCommerce stores comes from Facebook.
-- Facebook has the HIGHEST conversion rate for eCommerce traffic at 1.85%
-- The average order value from customers referred from Facebook is $55.

There's no denying Facebook is THE platform of choice for leads wanting to BUY - so why is there so much hate for it among Entrepreneurs?

The general consensus seems to be the infamous: Facebook's algorithms.

People HATE them and given a chance will tell you why for hours. But, I'm going to say something controversial:

I LIKE Facebook algorithms, they actually HELP me earn more profits because my 3x3 method USES Facebook's algorithms to my ADVANTAGE!

Let me explain:

I use the 3x3 ad method whenever I've got something to sell from my eCommerce store.

For this example, I'm going to use an LED Flashlight to show you how it works!

You start with 1 campaign and single-out your objective whether it's lead generation, brand awareness or in this case to sell a product.

Then you pick 3 different markets to target these are called your Ad Sets.

For an LED Flashlight the most obvious 3 markets would be:


Then you pick 3 Ads for each target market making 9 ads in total (3x3.)

All of these ads need to differ in some way, whether that's:

-- Having a different angle/copy
-- Single ad image
-- Video ad
-- Carousel Ad
-- Post text


You wait for 24-48 hours.

This is when Facebook algorithms become your FRIEND not your foe.

In that time their algorithms will get to work on all the pixel data they've collected and come to some stark conclusions. They can see exactly how ALL those 3 audiences are responding AND which Ads they're responding to best.

In a super short amount of time, you've basically covered the entire market for flashlights without lifting a finger.

So, when the time comes, Facebook will have put ALL the data you need to make the right choices on a plate for you.

You'll be able to see how each target audience performed and which specific ads converted super well.

Let's look at some hypothetical scenarios:

Hunting: The video version worked really well but the other 2 ad styles didn't. Now, you can single-out the video ad and use it to expand your keywords, broadening your campaign.

Camping: Here, the single image ad converted like crazy, so guess what? You use that to scale up your campaign to the camping market.

Survival: Not a single ad worked. So scrap it and don't waste any more time targetting this niche.

Can you see how the 3x3 method is insanely helpful and insightful?

Imagine if you'd just targeted Survival alone and saw those results? You'd probably assume it was the Flashlight at fault and ditched it - when in reality the Flashflight could be flying off the shelves if you'd just have targeted Hunting!

Basically, with the 3x3 method, you're optimizing Facebook Algorithms to test target markets fast and hard and letting them do ALL the work.

You're allowing the billion dollar empire that is Facebook, with their cut above the rest technology, to decide what's working and what isn't and serve one ad more than the other.

It knows for the Hunting market that the video ad is performing better so will put all the money into that ad helping you optimize your ad and message! Facebook know you want more sales and will try its best for you to get them.

So, let Facebook do the dirty data work for YOU.

And some extra bonuses you'll get from using the 3x3 method:

-- Helps with relevance and feedback scores
-- Scale much faster

Now you're probably wondering how much this all costs?

It is $5 per Ad Set/target market, so when using the 3x3 system, you have a $15 1 day ad spend.


Think about it this way, with the 3x3 method you've rapidly and successfully tested 3 different markets.

Take our example, you know Hunting video Ads are a success and Camping image ads are a success so you can go on to scale those campaigns.

Most importantly you know that Survival flopped.

And instead of spending a couple of days wasting money on survival ads you know right off the bat that's a dead market!

The 3x3 method is PERFECT for eCommerce because it allows you to target so many markets, hard and fast while making Facebook do all the hard work for you!

So, to summarize...

Facebook is an absolute FRIEND of eCommerce when you use it with the 3x3 method.

In fact, Facebook plays a crucial role in the 5-step system I used to build my 7-figure business!
And now you can find out HOW and copy the other 4 steps too in my FREE course:

"Building An eCommerce Business Starting From Zero!"

It's 10 videos and 7 hours of in-depth training that thousands of people have already used to start their store and make their first sale online!

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Fred Lam
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