How to get followers on Instagram Account and grow my presence

by buri14
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Hello guys,

Im going to open a new Instagram Presence about my cars and many other cars in my town. I will take pictures and post them. I'm sure to get a big audience but i have to grow up this account, because its very difficult to start from 0. But i definitely don't want to have fake followers or bots.
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    Apparently posting everyday and using the right hashtags is the way to go.

    I'm sure others here will give you more advice.
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    Growing organically is pretty hard nowadays but is possible. I was able to grow one of my car pages to 10K in less than two months by spending 30 minutes a day on it. It is really doable but you just need to have a good strategy from the beginning.

    Since you want to grow organically and not buy fake followers, powerlikes or shoutouts, you are choosing the same route that I did
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    • I started with no followers, but using great photo's and well thought out hash tags, you will build a following quite quickly.
      Don't do the follow you, follow me method, it is useless and ig frowns upon it.

      I think the number 1 thing is awesome photo's!! Make sure all in HD.

      Check my account here @_dreamholiday
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    the best follow back
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    Dear Friend,

    For promoting anything in this digital world there is nothing as such social marketing. you will have to be more visible along with your ideas in different social networking sides and yes you will get some fake followers But other side you will get some good followers too. So be positive focus on your work and some day you will get the results. Because something is better than nothing. So must do social networking.
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    This is all you need: Post everyday & automate your engagement

    I use a tool named ( igWorker ) on my computer to like, follow and comment on other users to get noticed.
    I think there is a free trial version.
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      Originally Posted by ProGuy View Post

      This is all you need: Post everyday & automate your engagement

      I use a tool named ( igWorker ) on my computer to like, follow and comment on other users to get noticed.
      I think there is a free trial version.
      So isn't run on cloud?
      Are you make your computer always on 24 hours?
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        Originally Posted by zefriks View Post

        So isn't run on cloud?
        Are you make your computer always on 24 hours?
        I don't keep it running for 24 hours. 10-15 hours a day gives me excellent results
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    Are you planning on seiling cars ?
    I restarted using instagram with in the last month and half having found success using simple methods.

    If you want followers on insta you should get involved by contributing something meaningful atleast 9-10 hashtags that you gave interest in.
    I also get good reactions when I post motivational related topics and also by sharing educational things related to my niche.
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    I think for a quick way you can use different bot bots. But this is a temporary effect, you always need to work on the content and audience.
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    I had the same problem and now i have a great account. I used a good service to improve and grow my account. I rather you this page, so you get a plan and chill. Your account will grow up recently.
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    Hello! Post great content regularly, follow people with the same niche preferably. And, retweet, comment and like on people's posts. You may also post memes and quotes.
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    Post-Good content which makes the people to follow you and a right hashtag make your post visible to popular search terms. Follow other postings share them and Do comment which make you popular and the people will follow back.
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    - engagement with as many people as possible
    - post frequently
    - interesting posts
    - like, follow, commenting apps for Instagram
    - use your other social media accounts to drive traffict
    Reach out to your competitors and see if there's any way you can collaborate

    Just a few things that will probably help.
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    It''s all about quality pictures and interesting captions.
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      Originally Posted by Rob Hunsons View Post

      It''s all about quality pictures and interesting captions.
      This is 100 Percent correct! If and I am pretty sure your end result is to monetize your page.
      Please listen to this. It means ZERO to have a lot of followers if you have a crapy engagement and by engagement, I don't mean fake likes, I mean real comments from real followers where you created a community and this takes work and a lot of it! Can it be done absolutely but I suggest picking something you are passionate about. I have a daughter that lives in NYC and makes a very good full time living as an influencer but it took her 7 years to get to that point! Good Luck
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    Use this technique:

    no more than 15 hashtags and not equal every posts.

    Go to explore page, and see pictures instagram have chosen for you based on your interests (of course you open a business profile with instagram and like/watch only things related), you see? these pics have a lot of likes.

    Download an app called Repost and copy the hyperlink of the pictures you like in the explore pages.

    Repost them in your profile after one, two days, with the credit (example: credit to @johnvianny)

    You will see bunch of new followers / like flowing very targeted.

    Rinse and repeat. Of course alternate your post with the post copied.
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    • Interesting, never heard about this app or techinique, I mean growing by reposting.

      what sort of engagement do you get from these new users (the ones acquired thanks to reposting)?
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    girls with cars you can see the difference.
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    To get more instagram followers you should make good and interesting content on your account. This may lead to get many followers as you wish.
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    Start follow back and you can also interact or build a conversation with other people. Other than that post interesting content that will increase the attention of users.
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    post 3-5 times per day, use hashtags, write appealing content and follow the leaders and the people having relevant interest. Dont forget to be human, means like their posts, share, commenting etc. Hope this gonna help you.
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    First you should follow few people interested in your product. Then post relevant content. Use appropriate hashtags. Automatically people start following you.
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    It take some time.
    You just active daily on Instagram and alteast post one pic in a day. Sure, it will helps you for long time.
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    Here are Some Step You Can Use and You Will Definitely Get Lot Of Followers on Instagram.

    1. Cross-promote your dedicated hashtag.
    2. Promote your Instagram presence on other social networks.
    3. Optimize Your Instagram Account.
    4. Be a Problem-Solver for Your Viewers.

    Thank You
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    • I've heard so many negative things about cross promoting (in this case liking or commenting on related tags/profiles) due to that the final user will tend to follow more the "bigger" user.

      My account is still small, should hit the 2k followers this month, so i have always been weary on that strategy. What i do follow, is consistently post 2 - 3 times per day, due a thorough hashtag analysis, as it's useless to post with hashtags where you won't rank and keep following your progress.

      Of course, this takes time and meditation, so I usally do it once per week and then just automate all the post and everything looks naturally.
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    Post 2 4 times per day quality images and proper tags and audience will grow

    Admin note: Affiliate links are not allowed in paid user sigs

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    The best method is that you should limit your posting counts in order to grow strongly in instagram. Through this way you account will be more powerful and will grow soon.
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    For fast growth I make
    1. Posts with rare hashtags must be less than 2000.
    2. Make fake follower 1000 (you don't need to do it, people are more likely to follow to big groups)

    3. Use
    to mass following mass liking for defined criteria(running, flowers, movie so on.) You get high qualiyg audience.
    Recomend this cloud soft as it is safe and easy to use.

    4. Then makeing on ingramer after 7 days unfollowing to thouse who dont follow you. You delete bots not active people and have good instagrm group.
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    Here Are some tips that will bring you more followers on your instagram account

    1 Instagram content is very important for any instagram account.
    2 Use smart hashtags on Instagram photo which helps a lot
    3 Stay within your subject
    4 Plan ahead to grow you Instagram community
    5 Engage with your Instagram followers
    6.Give Your Post a Paid Boost (i use website)
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    Well, try to post every day keep the quality of the images high so that people get a more detailed view. Another technique is to follow back you follow, and they will follow you back. Use of Hashtags is one of the most important factors as Instagram allows hashtags and effective way to divert traffic.
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    you can use automation to follow-unfollow about 500 people per day. it's a good strategy and it yields good followers not bots. There are a few tools to try, but I recommend jarvee.
    Also, content is king! Post the best possible content and remember to hashtag. use very popular ones as well as some less popular to ensure your content shows up in the searches. again there are tools for hashtag research you do not need to do this manually - it takes for ever. I usually add 30 or more hashtags per picture.
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  • You can work on Hash tags, with likes, comments and share. You have to show your activity on hash tags and current viral topics/.
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  • There are many ways to get more followers for Instagram account ---
    1. Make your Instagram profile effective
    2. You can post the quality pic or video 2-3 times in a day
    3. Use relevant hashtags
    4. Participate in massively popular conversations
    5. Use a call to action in your post
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    Um, you know there is an easy way to get lots of followers without any big investments. But that's just in case if you have a few spare bucks. Just take any service like Check the free trial and figure out for your self.
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    Generally, it's all bout the content of your IG page. So post quality content and regularly.

    Promotion techniques for the account is abundant. You'll have to of course find the best program that works for you, which can be a combination of: hashtags, community engagement, automated tools, paid promotion, etc.

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    well the first thing u need to do is work hard and there are many such ways that will bring u many many followers on your page.
    Here are some ways you can follow and will definitely bring you more followers

    5. GIVE YOUR POST A PAID BOOST (i do use website which helped me a lot to grow my business and all my social media profiles they do provide real human likes followers etc with 2 years of replacement policy even you can there services onces.)
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    you need to use social media marketing to get followers on Instagram and make sure to be hell active on your account post relevant images daily
    use hashtags
    mention big players in your niche
    follow other similar accounts and they will follow you back.
    you can run paid campaigns on Instagram to get engagements on your posts this will help get followers rapidly.
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    To get the first 1000 followers, I suggest using time-honoured massliking and massfollowing. I usually do it manualy, just spend 30 minutes a day liking and following your target audience (the key thing is to engage with the target audience, not just random people). As it was said earlier, use hashtags and locations (think where your target audience hangs out).
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    To gain genuine followers use appropriate # and genuine images. Join forums, follow your close friends, just don't go with the apps that are promising to give you followers, they usually end up unfollowing you after some time.
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    Need some times to build active followers mate. Just keep doing the following task every day:

    Keep short bio with website link
    Keep posting interesting niche relevant post
    Share image
    Use Hashtag of your niche
    Search relevant follower by searching with hashtag.

    Best of luck!
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    For sharing images Instagram is very strong platform to grow up traffic. So, there are lots of methods which are really helpful for grow traffic:

    -Quality content gets more views, and more view means more traffic.
    -Other social medias are really helpful here.
    -Use more hashtags which are actually appropriate.
    -You can follow other they might be follow you back.
    -Daily activities are really important here, to engage with people.
    -Post content with right time when audiences are more on online.
    -Add location with different maps, so that people can find you easily.
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    What's the deal, Birdo?

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    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    To build and grow your Instagram account you need to post good engaging content and use relevant hashtags. Hashtags are very important you can get good traffic if you use it right.

    You can also run paid campaigns to get engagements on your posts. This way you can get followers rapidly but this will cost you money. go for the video ads they are cost effective.
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    the best is follow all the people to is interested in what you are posting.
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    Try to create some unique and irresistible images for your Instagram account and use proper and relevant hashtags. You should be able to earn the followers. Use free tools like unsplash, Canva, Pixabay, etc. to create images.

    Thanks for reading. Hope this helps
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    Focus on quality posts, to be as visually appealing as possible. That is the most important thing for IG - that's why it's made for. Second, use the hashtags smart way. Engage with your audience every day (like, comment on their posts as well). I'd also recommend you to use the services like Fuelgram, because it gets you likes and comments from real, influential Instagrammers belonging to your niche.
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    Your idea is really great. Car is one of the best niche which attracts many people. And posting real content on your instagram will gain you more followers for your page.,
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    Hello friends!

    According to my experience, If you not a create spamming post on #instagram and keep good content for your post with related hashtags also post your personal capture great quality photos or sort videos and finally following who are like or view related. On the other hand keep the regular posting minimum 2 on your profile.

    I hope that, You will get better result before.
    Have a nice journey.

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    Keep posting along with your ideas in different social networking sides can be work.
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    Well worth looking for other Instagram groups with some sort of similar interest bu not directly competitive. many followers and make contact with the owner to see if you could buy a mention there. Perhaps in a similar market but a different region and see if you could come to some arrangement. Good luck
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    Well You can Go With Some Paid Services. There are Lots of Providers Who Provides Real Users But It's Difficult to understand Who Provides Real. A friend of mine Use a Service from QQSUMO and his experience was amazing. He got Real Users All around the world. And if you do not want to spend money then you have to be Some Patience, Upload Some Great Pictures and Follow Some Instagram Tips. Best of Luck!
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    Top quality content is crucial for getting more followers on Instagram. You can also grow your followers organically by using Fuelgram. It allows you to get a huge amount of likes from authentic and niche-related accounts, which in turn gets you on top of the explore feed. In this way your posts are more visible by relevant people, so you get more relevant follows.
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    For My Method For Making Money Online I just Follow People Who are following big names in my niche. Then Like and comment and ENGAGE with the people that are following them and try to make them laugh or something with my posts and comments. Then you can just make posts everyday and tell them to go to the link in your bio. But try to cut the business stuff with funny things and exciting posts too.
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    My best advice is to just engage with other people that would enjoy your content. Search up car hashtags and start engaging, commenting and Dming. At the end of the day, content is king and if you engage with them and your content is good... You should have no issue growing! Much love
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    Follow some accounts that related to your branding
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    I'd suggest you focus more on getting atleast 1k followers first and they should be people close by. having large amount of followers with 0 engagement is virtually a waste of time.

    Hashtags will give you followers but they will mostly be Bot accounts targeting keywords.

    What i do and always seem to work is Create "A Female Based" instagram account related to the niche at first.

    I.E " Girls_And_Cars"

    with this i can get alot of followers cause i'd be posting photos of hot girls with trending cars, once i have enough followers and an active fan base i simply notify the users of the change and archive previous posts about the girls and cars Strategy.

    You will lose some followers but more than 70% will stay if the niche is still similar.

    Hope i helped.
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    You can opt to stay active, and that would mean you have be consistently posting everyday.
    Also, you can follow people who has the same insterests as yours. By doing so, you get their attention and check you out and there might be a chance that they decide to follow you as well. Another option is to use an application that provides followers for you.
    The downside is, this kind of app usually ask for registration fee or the like before you can use its service.
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