How To Find The Best Hashtags For Twitter And Instagram?

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I'm so desperately seeking some website that will help me to find the best hashtags for my posts. Obviously I want it for free. If you are familiar with this kind of website please please help me out.

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    Is there anyone who can help me out please?
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    LDG; just pick a few top keywords from your niche - using Google - then use the search bar on Twitter to query "# + search term". Top hashtags should keep the stream humming.

    For example; I am in the blogging niche. I know from Google how "blogging" and "blogging tips" are 2 popular keywords so I add #blogging and #bloggingtips to my tweets sometimes.

    Note; engaging people, Retweeting people and helping folks through updates drives much more traffic to your updates versus adding tags. Engagement is a business builder. Using tags just drives a little bit of targeted traffic.

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    Use latest from the world..
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    First of all the hashtags should be appropriate to the photos you post. You can look through the most popular hashtags. Moreover I've heard about some kind of service that creates hashtags. You can look for it and maybe it will help you.
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    you can use these sites to generate hashtag and search whats trending on Social Networking sites

    I hope this helps
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      I think he wanted to create his own hashtag, not choose the existing one.
      Or am I wrong?
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    You just can use different tools to select hashtags.
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