I need social traffic from USA

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Can you guide me how will I get social traffic from United States. Currently, my blog has all Indian traffic (Organic Google search)
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    You can advertise on Social networks which is the best way to get some social targeted traffic to your blog or business.
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    The kings of social traffic are facebook and instagram
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    Befriend social media users in the US through FB groups related to your niche. Comment on their updates. Share their content. Befriend them. Friends promote you on FB, boosting US traffic. Be patient, and generous, and traffic flows to you.

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    You must follow Facebook USA Groups.Join multiple groups and post there.
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    Your goal is going to first determine where your target market hangs out. For Facebook that's going to be in groups. Join Facebook groups, offer some advice and educate people on what you know. Be very engaging and offer lots of valuable information.

    Also Facebook paid advertising is great too and you can set targets geographically, regionally, gender targets and you can also exclude groups of people as well. Of course if you have never done this you may want to get some free training as this can be very expensive if not done right.

    Lastly, I recommend Youtube, seems like you have a niche that can definitely take advantage of youtube. You want to create or pay for videos that are very captivating. You want to either touch the heart of the viewer or invoke the urgency to do something via video. YouTube is one of the best ways to drive traffic from the US, followed by the techniques mentioned above. Of course there are a few other ways, but these should keep you busy for now
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      Yeah, both sources are good for driving unique traffic.
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  • follow and join US facebook and social groups so that you will get traffic from US .
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    Follow USA people, join different USA social media group.
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    Your aim is planning to determine where your target market hangs outside. For Facebook, that's likely to be in classes. Combine Facebook groups, educate individuals and present some info. Be extremely engaging and offer lots of invaluable information.
    Have a nice journey.
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    Perhaps you want to run a couple of FB ads targeting people from USA to your blog?

    As a test to see if it can give you what you want?
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    promote your blog with influencers!
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    The best way is to do some local listing for your website for getting region traffics like- USA. If you can do some paid listing then it's much better. But free works as well.
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    You can get it through Facebook and Instagram ads. You can choose audiences who is your target.
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  • Most social media paid ads have location targeting which allows you to advertise to people based on their location, which can be a country, a region, or a city.
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    I think you will do some community type of work it will give you a social traffic from USA
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    You must be follow usa friends, join groups, pages like, share post targeted country wise.
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    If you want to get traffic USA then you have to work on USA related keyword. you have to also work on Reddit.
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    To get social traffic from the USA follow these:
    1. Maintain FB page
    2. Add People related to your business
    3. Join in groups
    4. Post and share useful content
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    You will get more social traffic from the USA if you work at facebook niche related group, Twitter and Instagram. You can share and comment on your targeted group. A paid campaign is the best way to getting more traffic in your targeted country.
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    Facebook post grow from your connections. That all depends on your friends and followers. so if you want to target the Users from US you should use paid promotions or else have friends in the US or have followers living in US.
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  • You need to join US groups on FB and share your blog with them. make sure you have enough valuable content to share with them. Also, you can boost your FB page for US Audience and target them to get good traffic to your blog.
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