Are FaceBook Groups Any Good For Traffic Generation?

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Hey Guys,

I'm testing facebook groups as a means of free traffic and seeing some pretty good results.

My method involves creating an image using the free image editor canva. On the bottem of the image I put a big call to action, "Comment INFO Below"

Then I write a couple of lines of copy text (usually asking a question around a pain point the group is having.)

Then I run through about 20-30 groups posting the same ad.

This usually gets me an initial burst of anywhere between 40-50 comments spread over the 20-30 groups.

I then go to the notifications hit "like" and reply with "PM sent!" and then I PM them my link.

From my tracking I am seeing about 15 clicks on my link. The first product I tested MMO niche generated 35 sign ups and 2 sales over a 3 day period.

Has anyone else been using fb groups for traffic generation and would like to "brainstorm" to improve your results?
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    There are many Group on Facebook for different purposes, So you should only join group those are useful for you according to your preferences.
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    Hi levanthai11,
    There are a lot of groups on facebook for different purposes. You can join the group according to niche and preferences.
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    Yes levan Facebook groups are good for traffic and for leads as well. I've generate lots of leads through Facebook groups. But remember always spread knowledgeable content and share post you post in limited groups which are best according to your niche. Excessive group sharing is not good facebook can block your account.
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    Super source of traffic for generous people who help folks by answering questions, by sharing helpful content and by hanging in groups aligned with their niche.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I also utilize FB groups for traffic gen but my method is a bit different from yours. I'm an admin for one Shopify/eCommerce group and I'm a member of quite a few more.

    In my own group, I'll poll my audience and create blog posts about what topics are the most popular. Then I'll share my blog posts with the group. This is the start of my funnel. From my blog post, they can choose to opt in to my email list for some free email challenges and other resources I offer.

    If not, that's fine too. I enjoy sharing what I know and it makes me feel good to know that people are benefiting in some way.

    What goes around comes around, right?

    In the groups I don't admin, I just try to be useful to the admins and members by contributing valuable info when I can. I make it a point to try to be extra detailed and helpful beyond a one-sentence answer. In the case that I've written a blog post regarding the topic, I'll contribute the most relevant excerpt of my post and tag the admin, letting him/her know I've written an article that may be helpful and with their permission, I'll share.

    So that's really about all there is to it. Nothing too crazy or secret about it. And I always try to stay on the good side of the admins. No one likes a spammer and a little courtesy can go a long way.
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    There are many groups on FB that have active members. Publishing your ads is a good thing, but how much creativity and efforts are put to bring about that particular ad is what pays at the end. One can try out different images, video interaction sessions. GIF's are particularly attracting users attention. These are small animations that lasts for a few seconds only. Nothing long. Short and creative at the same time.

    The better you explain your product, the better traffic flows. Also, the kind of groups you choose for your postings is the foremost crucial thing.
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    Here are the useful tips traffic generation using Facebook
    1. Search relevant facebook groups and join them
    2. Repurpose your content
    3. Form your own facebook group. Make pinned post.
    4. Post highly relevant content. Promote Webinars or Video Training.
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    Facebook groups are 100% good for traffic, if not they will not be so many of them.

    The keys to grow them is to provide value and keep the audience engage.

    Ask questions and understand what they are going through. Produce content from here. Give them what they want to hear.
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    There are soo many groups are available on the internet you can join on those groups according to your preferences...
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    By Joining in a famous Facebook group you can get so many contacts through which you can easily get a good amount of traffic there.
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    Yes joining in a new group has lots of benefits in it. So you can give a try for this.
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    Ofcourse facebook is really a great platform for traffic generation. You can easily get it from the facebook group.
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    Yes, Facebook is good for traffic generation. There are so many Facebook groups you can join easily it's easy to grow your audience and traffic. Because they offer more visibility. Some Facebook groups have thousands of members.
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    Local SEO | Digital Marketing | Website Development
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  • I do get traffic from facebook groups but not that much, I recommend setting up ur own group takes a while to build up members but well worth it.

    Also to get good targeted traffic on facebook you need to be interacting with people. This is because fb has programed their algorithm to use Signals That Heavily Favor Active Interactions such as comments and likes, so when you post on your facebook timeline, it doesnt matter whether you have 5 or 5000 friends, if no one has liked or commented on that post very few people will see it.

    FB ads are definitely the way to go for paid ads, not only because of the amount of members but because you can fine tune their ads for very specific targeting

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  • FB groups traffic generally is not worth
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    You should only join a group that you find relevant to your niche. Not everyone will pay attention to an ad that they don't find interesting.
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    A good source to get free traffic, but it's important you also add great value to the group.
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    It depends on what groups u join and how u post. Commenting on other posts is what I find best

    Get FREE access to 18 Video Tutorials about the best ways to Market on FB
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    if your site got a nice article which people actually want to see then you can get lots of traffic, from a different sector. But Facebook is a very nice platform to get lots of traffic, you can also share your site with reddit.
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    Yes, Fb groups are a good way to promote your business. There are many Fb groups which have tons of active members. But remember all the member in that group are the for a particular reason such as learning or to make contacts. So your ads should be attractive to members
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    Facebook is a powerful tool of social media for traffic generation. You have to post your content on daily basis with Proper content and Images, You get a tremendous amount of traffic. You have to join the relevant niche FB Group and Share your daily post in this group.
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    Yes, facebook groups are of a great help to generate more traffic and to get the perfect leads for your business. Which will in sort result in the form of revenue.
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  • Profile picture of the author GDIIT
    FB Groups are a good way to create a community. This will help you build reputation in the internet or social media.

    People joins FB groups as they want to be surrounded by people with the same interests as them.

    Being able to network with them gives you a great chance to increase sales.

    Once you have already established trust from people in Facebook, you can direct them to your own created FB group so you are more connected to them.

    One thing you have to keep in mind is to keep them by posting updates or highly relevant contents which would attract their interests and have something to benefit from.
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