How do I increase my Reach in Facebook Boost Post?

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I heard that someone got a reach of 8,000+ with a $3 spend. Please tell me how to increase my reach in Facebook Boost Post?
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    Ask Facebook. Send a support ticket. I don't believe that happened but you can rid yourself of this myth by asking the professionals.
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    Well the best way to increase reach on the Facebook post is to share it in the relevant groups. you can use carpet bombing technique which will increase the impressions of your post on the facebook.
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    Well, what was the niche of that post? I don't think that the data shared by you is genuine or you might be miss leaded with the wrong numbers. Have a look at other professionals overview in your case.
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    I have to agree with the others: can you tell us more about the details of your ad campaign?

    I've ran a paid ad campaign once and got at least 20,000 impressions for the same
    amount you spent.

    Details I want to know include:
    Your brand
    Your target audience
    The data you input in your paid ads feature (target audiences, ages, demographics, etc)
    The paid ad's appearance (The one with the headline and image)
    and lastly, the link included in your paid ad itself.
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  • Are you just talking about Boosted Fan Page posts, or general posts on the Newsfeed as well???

    Michael Harrington
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    For increase Reach in Facebook boost post you need to select Relevant interest section proper in you ad.
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    How to boost a post on Facebook
    Target your audience. After clicking the Boost Post button you'll be taken to a menu where you can begin to choose targeting options. ...
    Set your budget. Once you've defined your target audience, you'll need to select a budget for your campaign. ...
    Set the boost duration. ...
    Preview the post. ...
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    you can get better reach by targeting the right audience. make sure you add relevant interests you can run video ads related to your audience they are cost effective.
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    You'll want to run a reach campaign but those numbers don't seem right.
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    Earn More Comments and Likes on Your Facebook Post.

    Post Open and Closed Questions
    Use Comments as a Conduit to Your Opt-In
    Keep It Short and Sweet.
    Ask and You Shall Receive!
    Everyone Loves A Story!
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    First of all you need to mention what is your end goal?

    Is it an Ecommerce store? A business site?

    Mostly that person just targeted 3th countries, but again, what's the goal.
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  • It's no possible nowadays unless your post went viral. some few tips for increasing your reach for boosting a post is

    post regularly on your page
    make sure your ad copy is simple and short
    use HD Images
    use laser targetting.

    I hope these tips will help you get some good reach for your ad.
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