Advice needed for advertising my site that sells social media likes

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Although I've been a member here for awhile, this is my first post in sometime. Therefore I won't mention my website, even though I have the post count needed to do so :-)

I have a site that sells likes, subscribers, and views on multiple social media platforms. Unfortunately, I've learned AdWords won't allow me to use words the specific platform names "facebook" or "instagram" in my ads, nor will it allow me to use the terms "buy likes" or "buy followers".

As such, I have to say things like "get followers" or "get more..." This gets me thousands of clicks, but not a single conversion yet. Since I am priced at the same level as all of my competition, I am left with believing the issue is with the ad copy. I'd be greatful for any suggestions on how to up my conversion rate in this niche!!

Thanks in advance!
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    Aside from the ad copy, what else do you do? How many keywords have you used or have been saving?

    You have to consider that other than writing blogs or using tags, you would need other platforms to market your service.
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      Thanks for replying! I do basic SEO, but I launched with the expectation that most of my traffic/sales would come from paid ads...
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    Personally I use Facebook promotion a lot (it is integrated with Instagram app), where you can choose the duration of you commercial and your target group (age, location, interests). Besides I use to boost my followers' number. I've been using this bot for 2 months now, have no complaints. I guess it to be a descent alternative to Instagress.
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    Hi Supermoves,
    Target keywords you want to target for Facebook, Instagram and others similar social media platforms.

    Write generic and simple ad copy. Don't use Facebook and Instagram in your ad copy. Instead using the real name you can test something like;

    Buy FB 100% real likes | Grow Your Profile Today‎‎
    Become popular with us. Fast and Guaranteed Results. Instantly grow your profile today.

    High Quality IG Followers | Get Free Insta Likes‎ | Grow Your Profile Today
    Want more real and genuine ig likes & followers? Sign up for a FREE 3 day trial. Try now!
    I hope this will help in your way.
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      Amit, thank you SO much...I will give those a try immediately!
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      All of these were disallowed :-( Apparently, Google frowns upon these for me...
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    This is a rough niche because it is not trustworthy.

    Scrap the site and niche. Create something useful, and of value, to folks. Right now you're selling something worthless; numbers. Numbers cannot buy anything, endorse anyone or hire anyone. Only humans can.

    Save yourself some headaches body; trash and move forward.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      I know someone who made $800k last year doing this...I'd sell horse crap to make half that :-)
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    Try youtube?
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    Google does not unlock this kind of prohibition in my opinion. if something changes exactly in your situation - give me a feed.
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