Help me to find a good messenger, please

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Hi guys!

I found myself in a situation that made me totally crazy.
Due to my work I have to contact a big amount of people all over the world which means that we communicate using messengers mostly. And all of them have different ones - WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Telegram and so on..

I'm already tired of using so many apps at once. My phone is out of storage due to this fact. And my notebook also looks like trash!

So can you please advice me some service that collects all messages in one place? I think that I've heard of some, but I don't remember its name.

Thank you!
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    I can recommend the application Franz 2.0. Franz 2.0 is a desktop application that completely puts messaging services in one place. It can combine applications such as WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, HipChat, Skype and more. You can even use multiple accounts for Facebook Messenger - mix your business profiles and your private ones if you need.
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      Wow, very interesting and seems like it may suit me!
      But is it safe to use such service? As I've heard that some of them may steal your info and I can't lose all my accounts!
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        I don't know about this complete privacy but I think it's trustworthy one.
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          So have you tried it yourself or you just want to promote something you don't even know what?
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            I'm telling that I can't be sure of it's complete security and privacy.
            No one be sure of that except developers.
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              You can know at least something about it if you used it.
              Because it's hard to believe any comments on the app page as some developers write positive comments themselves in order to attract more people and delete the negative ones.
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                I agree with you.
                I use it and have no issues with it.
                No data leaking or something like that.
                That's why I recommend it.
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                  Okay then, thank you!
                  I'll try it.
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    The best thing that I can advise you is to throw out your laptop and phone, seriously. What technique do you use at all that do not pull such programs? Of all the things you listed, I would advise Telegram of course. This is the most convenient messenger from all that I used.
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      Okay if I'll throw out my gadgets then how could I use Telegram for instance?
      And by the way, some of the people I'm in contact with don't want to use a messenger that requires any personal information and Telegram needs a phone.
      Moreover, I've heard about some problems connected to it - it's not available in some countries as I know.
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      I would not say that convenience means security.
      But of course if you don't mind to have your data stolen one day - go ahead!
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    can anyone send me that messenger link? even i want to try that .
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    You mean Franz 2.0 application? Google it as I'm not sure if I have a right to post links here.
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    I heard that the signal is not bad. Did you use?
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      I don't think that Signal allows to collect everything at once.. Maybe it's a good one, but not for me as I already have numerous messengers installed
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    I don't think there is an application which collects all messages.

    However this is a good idea for an app developer.
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    Discord , Facebook Messenger, Google Allo and Google Hangouts, Kik, Slack these are the best and very popular messengers which you can use easily.
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    Are you interested to use paid version? If yes, then ChatWing will be your first priority. Because with this one you can easily chat with lots of people at a time 1000+. Besides, you can make your own chatroom and allow users as much as you like. The redesign, banned users, send private message everything is possible by using ChatWing.

    All the best!
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    Get One Messenger in Microsoft Store it's basically for most social messaging app...
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