Is it possible to make affiliate sales from a cold audience on Instagram?

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I run a big instagram account and I didnt know whether to start promoting affilate products on it.

I am looking to offer business opportunities, valuable clickbank type products and travel related services.

BTW, It is not a personal brand Instagram account so there will not be a face behind it.

My strategy is:
1: Send cold traffic to a squeeze page, then to maybe a webinar.
2. Collect their emails
3. Warm them up on the back end via sales emails
4. Then hopefully make sales.

Is this possible to do without being a personal brand. As, I know people only buy if they trust the person they are buying from.

Is it possible to gain trust on the back end? and score a sale?

I have never done affilate marketing before, I am learning the basics..

Any help will be appreciateed greatly.


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    Here's what i would suggest; first in the instagram stories put your front end product or bait (a free ebook, mp4, report etc) make it a sexy offer that can bring some value... give that front end product for free in exchange for the email; then start building a relationship with the prospect using emails and other free content... once that cold traffic becomes warm, time to hit em with the webinar... in the webinar, at the end of the presentation make em an irresistible offer... the perceived value should be at least 10X of your asking price.
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    Your main focus is should be on building a list. You probably know what they say about mailing lists. They really are your bread and butter when it comes to internet marketing. You're not going to sell much of anything to cold traffic. This is something that no one should do. That doesn't mean Instagram or any social media traffic is worthless. It just means that you have to be willing to put the hard work into it.

    The first thing you're going to want to do is offer the end user something of value. This is what you offer them in exchange for their email. It could be a free course, eBook, or videos. Just make sure that whatever you offer them is of value. The relationship you build with your subscribers from the very get go is important. You don't want to just make empty promises that don't deliver. This is a huge mistake and you're wasting your time. It should also be noted that you're wasting their time as well. If you don't fulfill your end of the bargain, they will remember. It will almost all but close the possibility of making any money with them in the future.

    Everything these days is about building up your online reputation. You're already working on doing that with Instagram. The way you follow through with it is in your emails. I would also add that you don't just have to do email marketing. You could also have a blog or a site where you send people to. If you have YouTube videos, include them in your mailings as well. They'll get extra views and this will push you up in the YouTube rankings.

    I can't stress enough how important it is for you to offer value to the end user. This will make or break your business. People make the mistake of thinking that quality doesn't matter if you're giving away something for free. You can't think of it that way. In a sense, the end user is paying for the content with their email address. Furthermore, they're paying for it with their time. If you go into it thinking they have nothing invested in it, then you're going to miss the boat. You should always remember there are hundreds of people who are vying for their precious email address. Whoever is capable of delivering on their promises will get it and maintain them as a subscriber.

    You should also try to build a relationship with your subscribers. At least once, or maybe even twice a month, send out an email that you're trying to get a response from them. This will actually go a long ways in you building a relationship with your subscriber. Remember, you're trying to turn them into a customer. If you're promoting the right things, all of this effort will be well worth it. As a subscriber, they have the ability to make continuous purchases off of you. When you realize this, then you understand the goldmine that email marketing is.

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    Hi Curtis,

    Possible but tough buddy. Far better for lasting, meaningful growth to Like updates, comment on updates, make friends, warm 'em up and see greater - and increasing - long term profits.
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    It's certainly possible but is better is you keep the offers congruent with what you are posting. Getting people to click links in Bio's is not always easy, so you'd have to add posts telling people to do just that.

    Or if your page is large enough, make good use of the swipe up function on your posts.

    But it's not too difficult to get people through to optin pages and then you can follow up with some good value emails to warm them up to offers.
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