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what is the best tool to schedule posts on social media channels?
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    This is my first answer on WF and I think I can help.

    First of all, Facebook is allowing you to schedule posts and for other networks you can use tools.

    Hootsuite is best and if you talk about free tools then there are several hootsuite alternatives are available.

    Check them and don't forget to use Buffer.

    Hope it helps!
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      There are many numbers of tools which can allow you posting on social media pages. I heard Hootsuite is good to schedule post.
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    I just started using social kickstart, it looks promising but I am finding it a bit clunky at the moment. I need more time with it.
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    Your best bet is to do a search for 'top schedule posts apps' as an example. I have no doubt that folks here have their own favorites, but you should try them out for yourself to really get a feel. Almost all have some sort of free trial and there seems to be a new scheduler coming on line every day.

    The thing is, all of them have plus and minuses you need to consider - from price differentials to the platforms that are included to those that are not. Some will allow automatic repeat posting, while others won't permit it. Some have extensive monitoring and interaction capabilities, while others are limited to just posting.

    This is not to avoid answering your question, but merely pointing out that only you can decide what you need and what you can afford and what platforms you prefer.

    I should also add that I enjoy the testing process and, though I have found some tools that provide everything I need, they do not necessarily provide everything I want.
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    Tweet Deck and Social Oomph are 2 of my faves.

    Just remember to engage folks manually on social too, to see greater success and to make your scheduled updates more clickable.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Originally Posted by ailerons IT View Post

    what is the best tool to schedule posts on social media channels?
    What social media platforms?

    For Facebook and Twitter, I use FPTraffic.
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  • 8 Social Media Marketing Tools That Will Give You an Unfair Advantage

    1. Buffer. Buffer is one of the most recognized tools in the industry.

    2. Sprout Social. Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media marketing tool to help managers better control their efforts.

    3. MeetEdgar.

    4. Hootsuite.

    5. IFTTT.

    6. SocialOomph.

    7. BuzzSumo.

    8. Feedly.
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    There are lots of tools which can provides you the lots of feature and let you monitor you social media pages and scheduling posts on them. I use Hootsuite for the same but you can try Crowdfire and buffer for the social media management and scheduling.
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    Hi ailerons,
    Hope you got a lot of answers from various comments!
    As a Digital Marketing Manager, I recommend you to use the socialpilot tool for managing and scheduling the social media posts and take informative reports regarding the performance.

    During my career, I had used a lot of tools to manage the social media platforms. At last, I came to use this tool and it's really easy to handle my clients.
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    I like Hootsuite the best. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, you can go with Postfity.

    Far more complicated than the other two, the cheapest method of all is IFTTT (it's free) - How to Use IFTTT as a Social Media Scheduler
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    My PROVEN ecommerce process, as seen on: Fox Business News, the NY Times & Flippa
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      An affiliate program that I joined used IFTT to give away free ebooks on Twitter.It was an ingenuis way to get people to purchase affiliate products that were suggested in the Free ebook that people received. It really was handsfree But at the time I was promoting this program it seemed that it gave away too many ebooks too often so I tried to time it to give away an Ebook per week but It seemed t complicated to fix so I abandoned it But when it works it works great.
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    There are many websites and tools that allow you to schedule posts. What service you should go with depends on a few factors -

    1. Which platforms and how many ?
    2. How many accounts will you be managing ?
    3. How active do you need the accounts to be ?

    We have a built in posts scheduler in our product as well if you want to try but my offering is primarily media intelligence (social/news monitoring and reporting).
    Add customised hyper-focused news feeds to your website and increase dwell time. Track companies, industries or strategic topics in near real time. Message, or
    Visit - thenewsfeed.live
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    Hootsuite runs 1st in my book and Sprout Social if you want an alternative to Hootsuite. Both are great tools that have been around for quite some time now proving they deserve their place in the SMM industry.
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    Sprout Social, Later, CoSchedule are the 3 best scheduling tools for social media. I have tried these tools for myself and they are working really great.
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    Hubspot is best for scheduling posts across various platforms in my personal experience. Also offers a ton of advanced features. Worth trying!

    Online Training and CPE Certification for finance and accounting professionals.

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    Buffer, definitely. No bugs, very reliable, many useful features. Supports all the most popular social networks.
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    I recommend Social media platforms such as Hubspot where you can not only monitor and publish but also get closed loop reporting data. That means you're not just seeing what channels drive the most engagement.
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    Hootsuite is the best social media tool for scheduling post on Facebook and other social media platforms. The postfify and social pilot are other best social media tools for scheduling the post content.
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    As other suggested, Yes Hootsuite is the best option for scheduling posts over Social Media.
    You can also go for a Buffer that is also a great tool.
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    I only use one service for IG scheduled posting.
    There are great features and really great help to save time.
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    Hootsuite is an enterprise level social media management tool used by over 10 million professionals. It can help you schedule and analyze your social media channels marketing campaigns all from one place.
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    According to my side, Hootsuite is a best social media tool to schedule posts.
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    Some of the best tools to schedule posts on social media channels are-
    1. Buffer
    2. HootSuite
    3. Sprout Social
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    I'm surprised that no one mention about Jarvee. It's working great with schedule posts on social media and it also has much more awesome features.
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    The only social media marketing scheduling platform built for direct sellers.
    Etc all are social media management tools.
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    There are many tools in the market for scheduling post on social media, personally, I like Buffer but there are many other options like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, TweetDeck, SocialOomph, MeetEdgar, CoSchedule, AgoraPulse.
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    I personally used Buffer but there are many tools to choose from, depending on your needs. I say take them for a spin, most of these services come with a free trial.
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    There are of course many tools in the market for scheduling post on social media, and many have already been listed above but personally, I the Later desktop version to schedule my post for Free on Instagram, Twitter,Pinterest and facebook.

    Later is normally a mobile app that has a desktop version that allows you to schedule post for Free
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    Hootsuite is free for 60 days. Is there any other free alternatives?
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    Thanks for this post,

    Here has answers is well done, Actually, I know an social media post tool is "scoop.it". I also using this tool. This tool is so great. You can use it.

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    Hootsuite is a simple but powerful tool for the average social media marketer. With a free version and relatively inexpensive paid options, you can use Hootsuite to schedule posts in advance on a number of different social platforms and measure analytics to understand how your content is.
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    There are lots of tools available currently online. Here I list out some of the best tools.
    1. Hootsuit
    2. Socialpilot
    3. Buffer
    4. Semrush

    Even nowadays many of CRM system also provides you to schedule the social media post across the different platforms.

    I hope this answer will help you.
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    For social media scheduling I use buffer and it is working best for me.
    You can use premium version of this tool to get more benefits.
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    I think Tweet Deck and Buffer. These tools are the best and i am also using.
    Latest Technology News |Techhound.org
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    There are so many tools where you can schedule your posts but I will suggest you to use social media channels to schedule your posts as they also provide features to schedule your post but if you want to use a social media tool to schedule your post so you can use Hootsuite or buffer. you can use tweetdeck for twitter.
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    I used Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule posts on social media channels.
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    I know about something social media tools for free manage multi-social media.
    -SocialOomph and more
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    A lot of tools are there you can use them .Buffer and socialpilot are the right option
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    I used Socialpilot to schedule my social media posts. It is reliable and easy to use.
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    thanks to all! been very helpful!
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    I love using Buffer for all my social media post.
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    currently using buffer to schedule posts on instagram as well as zappier to automate posting the posts made on instagram to other platforms likes fb, twitter
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    Hootsuite and Buffer is good for scheduling posts
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  • Hootsuite & Buffer, Both are awesome
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