I just got my first Guinea Pig Client........and would appreciate some help.

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Hello All,

I just got my first Guinea Pig client today for using Facebook Ads to drive Business, and I didn't know if any of you guys had ever helped someone similar. He works at a Name Brand Car Dealership in the US and just wants to see if I can run facebook ads to start conversations. I told him since he's my guinea pig(and I have never done this before) that I would do it at the cost of the ads, which he is paying starting at $5 per day and then will scale up from there depending on interest. Have any of you guys or gals done something similar, or have any tips? I think he would be thrilled if I could just get conversations started and then he would take over and get them to visit him in the store. He has access to 9 dealerships with every make and model new and used, and I have seen him sell a car before so I know he has the ability. I just want to see if I can help him, and if it works with him I know I could scale it up from there. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!

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