Is this a Facebook Page Scam?

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I recently got a private message on one of the large pages I own with nearly 150k likes.

It read- "Are you interested in running sponsored paid articles of multinational brands on your page?
You will be paid on monthly basis $3000 usd.
Per day 1 article will be posted on your page and you will be paid on monthly basis. You can choose and post the articles by yourself. First payment will be paid in advance. "

It went on to include an invitation link for another user to setup instant articles.

Does this sound legitimate? Sounds too good to be true for me anyway.
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    Definitely a phishing scam on point. A real company looking to boost brands on your page does not just jump the gun and get straight to the offer without a proper opening, neither do they provide invitation links unless they reference who they are and what their company does in that link. The offer is way to informal and the sales rep or wannabe entrepreneur is very unprofessional in this manor. The person who contacted you would more than likely introduce themselves as a professional brand rep first. Then they would send you some information about their company, what they do, and point you in the direction of their profile and work history done for clients or most importantly case studies. I would advise you to stay away from up front offers from people who don't care about you and want to be greedy, especially when it had red flags all around it saying "hi, I sound too good to be true, I'm a (phishing scam). Click me and i'll have access to your entire database and server IP. I'll make you tons of money. ( :"


    Andrew K
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    wow, it's a scam. They scam everywhere and they translated to every language to send message or offers. Be aware! They can still your fanpage via Business Manager.
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