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When It Comes To FREE Traffic, Which Is Better - Facebook or Instagram?

You'll Be Surprised By The Answer...
What About Instagram...

"How Much Free User Engagement Does Instagram Have?"
All of a sudden, I'm not talking about REACH - I'm talking about ENGAGEMENT and look at the comparison.
Facebook = .07%
Instagram = 4.21%

took away 2 things from my analysis:

#1. I need to grow my Instagram followers and for ORGANIC (Free) traffic, I need to focus way more on Instagram than Facebook.

#2. I need to improve my Instagram posts to get better engagement (Average seems to be 4% so I need to get better).

Bottom line, you simply cannot ignore Instagram - we need to take our marketing to that platform and there is amazing FREE traffic to be had there!

Here Are Some Crazier Instagram Stats...

#1. Instagram now has over 1 Billion Users.
#2. There are over 500 Million ACTIVE users on Instagram (Daily). This is 50% of their entire database (that's amazing).
#3. The like button is hit 4.2 Billion times a day (crazy engagement).
#4. Brands see minimum 10X the engagement on Instagram than they do on Facebook.

So, How Do You "Cash In" On This Amazing

Instagram Influence, Reach & Platform?
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    Instagram is the best place to gain followers from there. I have a bunch of followers, but my engagement rate is not that much. I made followers by following users from same niche accounts. In the beginning, I was getting good engagement, but in the middle, I stopped posting content due to some reason later than when I started once again I lost that engagement.

    I think I have to work on my content, and if you have any suggestions regarding this, then please share that.
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    How did you measure your results? I only have google analytics to check on social media sources. I just started instagram this year, so it's still not close with the other social media.
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      If you have an Instagram "Business" account, there should be a button underneath your pictures called "Insights."

      Within Insights you are able to see various stats like total number of views that picture has gotten, number of likes, number of comments, how many people visited your profile from that photo, how many bookmarked, ect.

      These are all Instagram-native stats. From a website traffic driving perspective, I think you would need to be looking at Google Analytics to see if traffic is coming to your website from Instagram.

      If you're looking to switch your Instagram over to a Business account you just need to go to your profile, and go to Settings-->Account-->Switch to Business Account. There may be a few steps further to getting it set up, but that should allow you to start seeing stats on engagement.

      Hope this helps!

      - Nick

      Nick Nalbach - Learn to Grow and Develop your Business WITH ME at NineFiveToFreedom

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    I feel like Instagram CAN be a great tool, but I've also noticed that it can be kind of Wishy-Washy in terms of getting long-lasting engagement. There is a lot of automation that can be done with Instagram (similar to any other social media platform), but I've noticed a lot more Automated responses, comments, ect. on my photos in Instagram vs any other social media platform (this can translate to more "Engagement").

    It almost seems like you can kind of work the system by using all the various hashtags that will definitely get your pictures more likes, comments, and even follows, but I think more times than not, these are accounts that are set up to automatically follow an account that uses a specific hashtag. Reason I say this, is because I can post a photo and receive likes, comments, and follows within 2 seconds of the picture being up. That may just be coincidence, but I don't really buy that. It seems like most of my engagement comes more from people that don't follow me than people who do.

    I still want to believe that Instagram can be a great way to build an audience, but it can be hard to weed through who real followers are and who the bots are.

    Nick Nalbach - Learn to Grow and Develop your Business WITH ME at NineFiveToFreedom

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    my experience is that there are a high % of bots on Instagram
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    I think that in Instagram it is much more convenient and more useful to communicate with the audience. Even bots can be useful (they make an amount at least )
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    Instagram is great channel for the brands which are new to the market space because it can create immense engagement but the condition is you need to be creative and by creative I mean you should not just keep on promoting your stuff because that is simply not going to work. People engage with your content if you provide them with something of their interest. Immense reach can never be achieved on any social media, except that people start sharing your content naturally.
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    It all depends on the value of what you are posting and how consistent you are. Instagram is much more easier because it doesn't take long to keep creating content and the content you create on instagram can be used on other social platforms
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    Two words: amazing content.
    Instagram is all about publishing the right content. You can have the best strategy behind your posts, amazing copy, and great ideas, but if your content isn't exciting or compelling none of that will matter -- you won't get any traffic!

    Because Instagram is such a visual platform, your content needs to be visually appealing to get people to connect with your brand and potentially become a paying customer.
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    Instagram is much more better for interactions and sales than Facebook. You have some time limits for videos compared to Facebook but you can create good content in these limits.

    You can increase your interactions, likes, followers and your sales by targeting people easily in instagram. You may use instagram tools for scheduling and automating them easily.

    You can increase your reach by boosting your posts too.
    There are lots of options to do in instagram
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    This is really hard to say... As Facebook or Instagram, both are the important & famous Social media networks. Facebook is a very old social media network than Instagram & Facebook has also huge traffic with a huge audience & if we talk about Instagram.

    Instagram is new than Facebook but Instagram has also a million user with amazing traffic but both are little different than each other to get more traffic.

    Both networks offer to post images content but just Facebook allow to post the link but Instagram not allow a link as clickable but Instagram allows this on the story even when you have 10+ followers.

    So both are good in their own ways.
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    Yes! You are absolutely right!
    Instagram is a great social media for free traffic generate. Just create impressive content[Image or Video] with targeted Hash Tags. And also share your instagram profile deferents social media place. you will getting better results.
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    Instagram is a wide platform and have number of user, lately the users have shift from Facebook to Instagram which caused a great fall in Facebook traffic.

    Instagram is the most used social media application and it's difficult for any social media platform to beat Instagram as Instagram now has a great number of user and it has all the user considering from youth to elder person of the house. Social media marketing is mainly focused on Instagram with it's great user, business's do marketing on Instagram platform as the conversion is good on that platform and will be increasing day by day.
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      Thats a bit of a ridiculous statement - instagrapm has a totally different demographic than FB and this has not happened at all.
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