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When It Comes To FREE Traffic, Which Is Better - Facebook or Instagram?

You'll Be Surprised By The Answer...
What About Instagram...

"How Much Free User Engagement Does Instagram Have?"
All of a sudden, I'm not talking about REACH - I'm talking about ENGAGEMENT and look at the comparison.
Facebook = .07%
Instagram = 4.21%

took away 2 things from my analysis:

#1. I need to grow my Instagram followers and for ORGANIC (Free) traffic, I need to focus way more on Instagram than Facebook.

#2. I need to improve my Instagram posts to get better engagement (Average seems to be 4% so I need to get better).

Bottom line, you simply cannot ignore Instagram - we need to take our marketing to that platform and there is amazing FREE traffic to be had there!

Here Are Some Crazier Instagram Stats...

#1. Instagram now has over 1 Billion Users.
#2. There are over 500 Million ACTIVE users on Instagram (Daily). This is 50% of their entire database (that's amazing).
#3. The like button is hit 4.2 Billion times a day (crazy engagement).
#4. Brands see minimum 10X the engagement on Instagram than they do on Facebook.

So, How Do You "Cash In" On This Amazing

Instagram Influence, Reach & Platform?
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    Instagram is the best place to gain followers from there. I have a bunch of followers, but my engagement rate is not that much. I made followers by following users from same niche accounts. In the beginning, I was getting good engagement, but in the middle, I stopped posting content due to some reason later than when I started once again I lost that engagement.

    I think I have to work on my content, and if you have any suggestions regarding this, then please share that.
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    How did you measure your results? I only have google analytics to check on social media sources. I just started instagram this year, so it's still not close with the other social media.
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