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Hey everyone,

I am trying to put together a video for Facebook that's in the style of Gary Vee's Instagram videos. You know, square pixel with white or black (or whatever color) bars at the top and bottom with headline and sub heading text ... (which can be whatever you want) ...

However, my Adobe Premier pro keeps crashing during my render.

So ... I've tried working things around with a few other softwares and got so frustrated that I started looking for other solutions online.

I found ... however, I don't feel like subscribing to a $30 a month subscription just to get the video into the right format for FB and Instagram.

Do you know if there is a one-off program that anyone put together and sold on JVZoo etc. that does the same thing? I'd totally be willing to buy a one time thing that takes away the headache of a huge editing headache with Premier, or having to pay monthly for a service like Blurbiz.

Any help/suggestions would be really appreciated!
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