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Hi guys,

Long time no see, i have been quite away from WF for a long long time.

Today is a special day and thats why i want to share with you how to get tons of qualified traffic.

I sincerely believe the major problem that everyone who has an online business is to drive qualified traffic consistently.

When you find a consistent way to drive traffic, will help you to increase the number of new subscribers that enroll to your list daily, the number of products you sell, etc.

To me sincerely the best way to drive traffic is PINTEREST hands down!, to be honest with ya, pinterest is the biggest referral for my sites, normally 90% of my website traffic is from Pinterest alone.

The problem with many people, is they don't know how to do it correctly and thats why they fail miserably.

1) You need to be in one of the niches that pinterest loves... and Pinterest audience is seeking for:

The top 6 niches Pinterest loves:

- How to Make Money (obvious right!)
- Personal Finance
- Health & Fitness
- Food
- Beauty and Fashion
- Lifestyle

So if you think that you can get loads of traffic from different niches, probably you can´t... when i mean loads i am referring to get 10k - 50k daily.

Sure you can get some spares, but thats not the idea of it.

Let me try to drill down how to do the things correctly:

1st) Your blog or site should be optimized to capture leads or sell something, because if the pages or posts where the visitors are redirected are not optimized then you will not convert well at all.

2nd) You will need to create a Pinterest account
3rd) You will need to convert your basic account into a business account
4th) You will need to enable rich pins.

what are Rich Pins you may ask?

Accordingly with Pinterest "Rich Pins are a type of organic Pin format that provide more context about an idea by showing extra information directly on the Pin. Rich Pins are a free product available for anyone on Pinterest. You can identify Rich Pins by the extra information above and below the image on closeup and the bold title in grid."

Benefits of having Pinterest pins:

They provide more exposure and amplification from Pinterest Itself.

How to enable Rich Pins you may ask?

1st) Install Yoast SEO plugin (Wordpress) and go to the Yoast's "Features" tab. Make sure the "Advanced settings pages" is "Enabled" and that will enable the metadata.

2nd) Go to Pinterest's Rich Pin Validator, and plug in a link to any blog post on your site (it CANNOT be the link to your homepage). It doesn't matter which blog post and you only need to do one. Click "validate."

5) Now you will need to optimize your Profile with researched keywords to improve Pinterest SEO (use Pinterest search engine to research for the keyword with higher volume).

6) Create boards with board titles based in "searchable keywords" , don't use fancy names, that will not work at all. I recommend to create at least 20 Boards

7) Create board covers for each board that you have. Each board cover should have the following size => 600 x 600 pixels (you can use Canva to create them, its free!)

8) Create Pins with descriptions that should include the target keywords, you need to research the keywords that will use so you can get traffic or else you will not succeed. The Pinterest image recommended size is: 600x900 (normal) or 600x1260 (tall pins) higher then this they will be cluttered.

You should create 3-5 different pins for every article or post you have and to do so you can use Canva since its free and very easy to work with.

9) To increase the traffic you need to join Group boards related with your niche! Avoid generic boards because they will penalize you.

When choosing Group boards check the ones that have higher repin ratios and with less then 50 members , the ones with a huge amount of members normally don't work well and are not engaging.

10) Pinning: So you can get traffic consistently you need to pin consistently and for that you can do it in two different ways:

a) Manual Pinning: You need to create a daily workflow to pin every day, i recommend to pin 20-30 pictures daily and not in a blast... you need to pin 4-5 times a day or even more.

If you started your profile awhile back and don't have much content in your site or blog i recommend to use the 80% / 20% rule (80% content from others and 20% from yours) but as soon as you have enough content and pins of your site, try to have 100% pins of your stuff. You don't want to offer traffic to others right?

I use this strategy and works pretty well.

b) Automatic Scheduling: Its not really automatic since you need to prepare the scheduling, in this case i recommend to use Tailwind that is the best scheduler for Pinterest hands down! you can try it for free up to 100 Pins and then if you like it you can subscribe ($9 per month paid annually)

This tool worths every single penny hands down.

11) Measure and scale: Check in Google Analytics what are the pins that are bringing more traffic and repin them more often. or check in Tailwind analytics.

12) One thing that i have find out it works really amazingly is to recreate every a couple of weeks more pins for old posts, that way you will get a lot of traffic to old posts. It work pretty well.

I believe this is a great way to get free traffic that is extremely qualified. In my case all my subscribers are from my niche and 65% from USA! awesome right!

Let me know what do you think about it.

Happy Christmas.
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    Yeah, Pinterest is a great source for driving legitimate traffics. Besides, you should join some other social media webpages too. Like- LinkedIn, G+, Tumblr, Instagram. They are also good for quality traffics.

    Try there in order to grow your business promotion and sales. All the best!
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  • Pinterest is one of my favorite. Thanks for enlightening me on the Rich Pins.
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    Thanks for the insight Paulo, much appreciated.
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    Thanks for sharing the information. I love Pinterest. Pinterest is really the best source for driving high-quality traffic.
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    Very important points to get traffic. Nowadays, it has become very difficult to get free traffic but these points are pure gem.
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    Does Pintrest work for money and finance-related sites also?
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    Nice one ,now for sure i wil dive in to pinterest to see how it works .I never try ointerest so far
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    Very concise summary!! Nowadays Pinterest has become a powerful tool for businesses that want to increase traffic to their sites and build their brand.
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    That's some really great advice Paulo. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to have fun implementing it.

    What software or programs do you use to create your images?

    I started using Canva but yesterday I invested in Youzign and I sure am glad I did because of the cool training, courses and tips that came along with it.

    Like this blog post on how to get traffic from Pinterest.
    How to Drive Hundreds of Visitors a Day from Pinterest | Youzign Blog

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    Yup, I did know some topic but you explained more and also in detailed manner. Keep Sharing.
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    Welcome back Paulo. Great information on Pinterest. I'm working on doing more with newer social media.
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    Hello Paulo,

    This is instructional and handy, much appreciated.
    I use Pinterest for looking up and getting new information, but not as a tool to gather traffic. I am new to Digital Marketing and all the related parameters. Any suggestions? What should I learn first or any timeline according to the current market?

    Thank You.
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    Hi! Thanks for this useful info, since I'm still new to this generating traffic thing in social media. I loved to used Pinterest too..and I haven't just using the right keyword.
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    Pinterest and facebook are best social media site to get good traffic from your niche.You can join different relevant groups and share your website there.
    Latest Technology News |
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  • Google knows almost everything about your website. Far more than you do. The chrome browser, the android phone, and the Google toolbar report back the movements on your website.

    One of the important ranking factors is link traffic. Traffic that comes in on links. If you're actively involved in social media, but you do not have people coming to your website from that social media, something is wrong. Google doesn't monitor Facebook or others. But they can see where people came from. How many people are coming from social Media.

    With the historical data they have, and the other similar websites to yours, they can get a great understanding of what's happening on your website.
    So pay attention to how many people coming in from social media, and what they do once they arrive. Because Google is tracking that.

    If you're really serious about your blog so you should buy some SEO signals which 'll boost your ranking fast.
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    Thank you for this! I never really used Pinterest for anything but crafts. Never thought of using it for traffic for my site. This is great.
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    I really appreciates this facts. Extremely Amazing! You have really thought me a good lesson.
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    How can I use Pinterest to grow a freelance writing business?
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    What if the product you're selling is outside of the top 6 niches Pinterest loves?

    For example, if you sell the best BBQ's online. Can you somehow relate BBQ's to some of Pinterest's top niches to gain good traffic? Has anyone had luck w/ that kind of thing?
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    Thank you for sharing this topic. i will try it in the future. currently i am using Quora and getting enough traffic from there..
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