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Hi Guys,

I have a task to grow the followers on both Facebook page and Twitter account for a political leader who's due to contest elections early next year. This man has a following of 400,000 on Facebook and 100,000 on Twitter. I'm expected to increase the followers count by atleast 200,00 on both platforms.

Now, what do we have? We have a huge database of curated content. We have a tool from where we can pick content and post. So as far as running 'Page Like' campaigns is concerned I can handle that. What I want to know if there are any hacks or tricks that I could use to achieve my objective here.

Education, Farming, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Unemployement, Women Safety etc. are the stakeholders we will pick to highlight (the person is fighting to dethrone the opposition).

Can you guys please give me your inputs and suggestions. What I need right now a set of tricks as well as a solid strategy. Any input will be highly appreciated. TIA.
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