Managing FaceBook Ad account on behalf of a business and risk of it being disabled

by ajo
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I am new to these forums but this looked like the place to get help.

I am quite new to FaceBook ads and I have run a couple of ads to try thing out for myself. This was just targeted ads linking to my etsy store. Last night though, after FaceBook had taken my first payment, I had an email saying that my account had been disabled. I clicked on the linking saying I think its a mistake, and this morning it is all back to normal.

I am not sure why it got disabled, as far as I know I wasn't breaking any rules.

This has worried me though as I may soon be creating and managing ads on behalf of another business. Most things are already set up, their ad account is listed in my business manager. What would happen though if for some reason this account was disabled too? Is there a fall back, should they have more ad accounts that I have access too?

Sorry this was long, I hope you can help.


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