Should my Instagram match by company brand?

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How closely do you think that a company instagram page should align to the overall company brand? I sell sausage casings to butchers, and our overall (export-centric) brand is the wholesome New Zealand, grassfed, but the instagram is targeting our local customers by appealing to butchers as individuals. This means humour, pop culture etc. Every post eiither falls into the product, sausages, or the wider primary industries but does't 'look' the same as our other marketing? Do I need to match my instagram colours, formats etc. to our main brand?
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    I think it'd be a good idea so that people easily recognize that you're one in the same. Consistent branding is always a good idea as people will easily associate one with the other.

    So, if possible, I'd make them as similar as possible.
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    It has to be absolutely aligned with the brand, just as all other communication channels you use, because in that way you ensure recognizability and brand awareness. Bonus tip: Use Fuelgram powerlike service to boost engagement rate of the posts (and of course, conversions from Instagram It gets you real likes from powerful niche-related accounts.
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