Could someone point me in the right direction?

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I've recently gotten into Affiliate Marketing, I say recently but since 2009 I've been playing with it here and there. But I've now decided that I need to make it work and turn my campaigns profitable, whereas before I'd just give up after a month or so.

What I'm struggling with is Facebook Ads, or at least I think that's the issue. I have a clickfunnels funnel that has the following set up

Facebook Ad - Opt in page - Thank You page (with a video and an offer), then I have a 3 day email sequence promoting the offer again and of course sending the lead magnet upon sign up.

The product on offer is a clickbank product in the weight loss niche. I have split tested my facebook ad in terms of the audience, narrowing it down to one interest and targeting the UK.

Currently I am using the conversion objective and tracking purchases - the CPM is currently $21 and the CPC is $0.70. Out of the 7 clicks I've gotten, only one person has opted in which is quite a bad opt in rate?

The product I'm promoting has a $37 commission so I'm really hoping I can at least break even with initial sales and make my profit with the email followups, is this realistic?
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    Yes, very realistic without enough data and campaigns optimization.

    How many days now that your campaign is run?
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    I'm struggling with is Facebook Ads,

    That is the issue with facebook ads. It runs the offer but doesn't do the work.

    Since your just starting officially Aff.Marketing, you need to know this rule.

    Impact people and they will follow.

    Start your campaign without paid traffic but organic one
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    what are you offering with the affiliate offer?
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  • 14% opt-in rate is quite low, anyhow you need more clicks to justify this. I think you need more time and data to get the more accurate CTR, opt-in rate and conversion rate. These are the important indicators for you to decide on the right direction.
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    After leaving the add run for a little over 24 hrs now, I have a 4/15 opt in so 26.6%, is this okay?

    With the affiliate offer I'm offering 3 physical bonuses, a leak proof water bottle, a body tape measure and a face mask.

    My CPC is now $0.72.
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    Also, how much should you spend split testing an audience? I did $5 a day for 3 days so a total amount of $15 split testing difference audiences. Is this enough?

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    Optimizing the AD it self is very important , try digging in that direction
    Good Luck
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    Well, I really don't have enough information, but I do see a problem with what you did provide.

    You are selling a ClickBank product without establishing warming them up. Your funnel (in this case) should be for list building. Trying to sell a weight loss product is crazy at this stage.

    You need to provide free advice on weight loss, and help with questions your audience struggles with. You do this on your website. That's where you establish credibility and trust. Then you follow up with a sequence or broadcast email to promote these items.

    Funnels work, but there's too many product in your niche, and people are skeptical. Use your funnel to build a list and loyal following, use a sequence and your website to promote.

    Don't let Internet Marketing overwhelm you... let's take the journey together! Build Money Machines!
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    I'm giving away a free Ebook with the intent of warming them up and hoping the 'Thank You' page at least negates the advertising costs so that I essentially build a list for free. Do you think I should leave the 'Thank You' page off?

    I've followed the advice so far, I'm now split testing the images and ad copy to bring the CPC down.
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    The frustrating thing with Facebook is the fact I have to be really careful with the ad copy, especially in the Weight Loss niche. It's taken some time but now I have no issues getting my ads approved.

    I can't help but to feel like if I was more upfront in the ad copy, I could get better results, but Facebook doesn't allow this.
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    As far as i am concerned FB ads are definitely the way to go for paid ads. Just know that you can fine tune FB ads for very specific targeting, so its best to learn all about their ad system before you start using it

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